Snippa’s real problem

And government recklessness is not helping, as the case of permitting unnecessary overseas holidays proves.

He thinks that people should only be allowed to do what is necessary. Rather than as they wish, if that’s possible.

You know the difference between freedom, liberty and totalitarianism.

14 thoughts on “Snippa’s real problem”

  1. Boganboy,

    And indeed, the point of view of most people of a lefty bent. They have a natural tendency to believe freedoms should be restricted for the common good. The problem nowadays, with the rise of the so-called climate emergency, is that those who would prevent us living as we would wish include everyone from the extreme loony left to the centre right.

  2. If someone had shot Hitler in ’32, a lot of bad history wouldn’t have occurred. Please don’t take this as a suggestion, though. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with a noose.

  3. What is ‘necessary’ anyway? In order for my existence to continue it’s necessary that I respire and take on liquids and nutrition (and even that isn’t necessary for the continuing existence of the human species, let alone the universe). But what else is strictly ‘necessary’? It’s doing unnecessary things that makes our existence in this vale of tears tolerable.

  4. Chris Miller beat me to it (and did it better: I was going to ask what was a “necessary holiday” which sounds like an oxymoron).

  5. Some necessary things:

    Holidays in Wales, Yorkshire etc buzzing around in environmentally poisonous steam trains

    Weekly trips in the Berlingo to visit Ely Waitrose, Tescos etc

    Flights to Copenhagen, Oslo, Vienna etc to speak at tax conferences

    A 4 bedroom house to accommodate a single man and his model railway sets

  6. If you believe in more government as leftists tend to do, then you must believe that politicians and bureaucrats will have more say over how we live our lives and we will have less. And these people will live for the opportunity to sit on committees to evaluate and write extensive reports on whether your application for a trip abroad is necessary or should they limit you to a walk in the park. I don’t know why anyone votes for these turkeys, but they do.

  7. 650 sack of shite MPs have fucked off for 6 weeks hols. Leaving Blojob Johnson to issue whatever demented edicts he likes using an asymptotically declining time gap between the regs being issued and coming into (supposed) force.

  8. but Boris agrees! The penalty for a trip to Spain is two weeks house arrest. Break it and you get a criminal record and a large fine. There is only one answer to this!

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