So, the offer of a deal starts

The revelation that Ghislaine Maxwell will never sell out the Duke of York comes from a controversial confidante who has known the Maxwells for years.

So, here, presented through my “long term friend” is my first offer of a deal. What do I get if I do sell?

6 thoughts on “So, the offer of a deal starts”

  1. Who cares about Randy Andy–its the Clintons who need to be ratted out.

    Imagine if they could be arrested and held on remand before the Election–now that would be a huge boost for Trump.

    Ghizz needs to be looking at life in Supermax or the opposite: a nice open jail where she can be easily killed– but with an out for bringing down Billy/Killy and the rest of the Swamp.

  2. …its the Clintons who need to be ratted out.

    Both? I haven’t kept up with this. Is Hillary supposed to have indulged in Epstein’s alleged offerings?

  3. Billy boy handles the sex crimes. Killery prob the killings/financial scams.

    While Kill is suspected of Huma-huggery unlikely she was in on any under age action. But doesn’t matter–once the damn breaks ALL the stored up evil will run to the C–as in Court..

  4. @PJF

    Hellary aided & abetted Bill & Epstein’s knavish proclivities
    Joint Enterprise

    Did FBI really want to find her?
    Ghislaine Maxwell was “hiding” from FBI in her New Hampshire $1million mansion on 156 acre estate”

    Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ready to name names – Keep Her Alive

    Breaking News: Thursday 9 July “Ghislaine Maxwell commits suicide in cell; Bill & Hellary shocked at tragic death”

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