Sounds eminently sensible to me

Donald Trump says he may not accept the results of the November election
Donald Trump has said he may not accept the results of the presidential election, admitting that he does not “like to lose”

Well, no, not quite what he did in fact say.

Donald Trump has said that he may not accept the results of the forthcoming presidential election, setting the stage for an epic showdown in November.
In a wild and contentious interview with Fox News, aired on Sunday, the president said he was "not a good loser and was fully prepared to challenge the results, if he loses to Democrat contender Joe Biden.
He claimed that mail-in voting, which Democrats have pushed as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, “is going to rig the election.”
Asked if this means that he will not accept the election results, Mr Trump said: “No. I have to see.”

Chicago doesn’t still have a Daley as mayor but it might well still depend upon how many dead people vote there. And other such issues.

Whether the Ds are actually worse than this – better? – than Rs is another matter but no claim that cheating doesn’t take place can be believed. And who would or should go into an election without insisting that they’d not accept a cheated result?

10 thoughts on “Sounds eminently sensible to me”

  1. “DRUMPH might not accept the result of an election!!!!1!”, claim people who have never accepted the result of his election.

  2. Long ago I asked a Dem friend whether it was true that the Dems were far better at ballot-rigging than the Republicans. “Oh yes” he said ” we take pride in being good at it.”

  3. Chris Wallace asked a setup question, with the specific intent of getting Trump to say what the Left wanted him to. This fake news, fabricated by fake news people.

  4. Don’t recall this being a big seller for them 4 years ago when they tried running with it, not sure why they are trying it out again

  5. When Wallace asked, Trump should have demanded signed statements from a host of named Democrats that they accepted the 2016 election, that Trump won and he is president. You know, like supporting democracy (the LAST thing Democrats will do!).

    Choke the bastards on it!

  6. @Ummmm
    You talk in past tense; Dems still refuse to accept result of 2016 election. Same as Remoaners still refuse to accept Brexit result

    Dem voter voter fraud, bussing, vote early vote often: lots of videos* confirming it and showing election staff complicit in allowing illegal votes

    * Veritas is a good source

  7. @Gamecock
    Spot on – msm lying as usual

    Steve nails it
    Steve Hilton: President Trump needs a new campaign strategy
    A Biden presidency is not a done deal, not by a long way. There’s time for another Trump comeback, but it will take more than a new campaign manager
    Pt1 –
    Pt2 –

    C-19: Nobody cared when 9 Million homeowners were thrown out of their homes by Obama in 2010. What’s changed?

    The Democrats insane leftist policies may be a blessing.
    Look at Labour last year in the UK, they went so far left they had their biggest defeat since 1935. Sadly 35% still voted for Labour and would have been ~40% if SNP, Greens, WelshNP added

    Lenin & Stalin’s march through the institutions has succeeded – we must reverse this, but how when Conservative Party are Left too?

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