The Viv Nicholson Economic Plan

Spend, spend, spend…..

Viv went bust of course, meaning we might want to pay just a little more attention to scarce resources, even how to expand the supply of them….

11 thoughts on “The Viv Nicholson Economic Plan”

  1. Having fucked the economy already the fantastic team of Johnson and Sunak seem determined to additionally sodomise the UK by printing money.And upset millions already heading for a Dole Xmas by adding inflation-boosted price rises on top of a cash shortage. And likely doing nothing while every POS UK Council keeps their money up by adding any cuts made to their budgets to our Council Tax bill.

  2. As Murphy has solved depression economics in a tweet, could he please prove viable nuclear fusion power generation on a napkin while sipping a latte.

  3. Sustainable transport: does anyone have a clue what this pair of words might mean? This being Spud, of course, there is the everyday, normal meaning (if there is one) and the meaning according to Spud.

  4. @ Diogenes
    I should not, in reality, enjoy watching Murphy riding around on a bicycle and I just do not believe that he could ride a horse in a ny tolerable, let alone competent fashion.
    So “meaning according to Spud” is a hydrogen-cell-powered car which uses H2 separated out from H2O by wind-generated electricity. Since the amount of electricity generated by wind-power varies by a factor approaching 200 times (last month alone the hourly averages varied by a factor of 145:1) the wind capacity required in “Greenie” UK to provide a reliable electricity supply to homes and factories etc will be a bit of 10,0000GW and when the wind blows the surplus power produced can be used for electrolysis.
    [FYI I have fed in to my calculation the current amount of reliable nuclear energy, hydroelectricity and our pumped storage hydroelectricty, the interconnector to France and the not-yet built interconnector to Norway}

  5. The Meissen Bison

    John77 I should not, in reality, enjoy watching Murphy riding around on a bicycle

    Fair enough.

    How about on a unicycle? You have to admit that would be fun!

  6. Have you seen the off-road mountain bike unicycles, those guys are insane and definitely need balls of steel

  7. @ TMB
    So cringe-making that it ceases to be funny. He might manage a tricycle. I had intended to say that I should enjoy watching Murphy ride a bicycle and then realised that I *really* should not enjoy it.

  8. Someone as sharp and capable as Spud should have no trouble duplicating Paul Newman’s bike antics from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. Despite obesity.

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