The wrong sort of protestors

The president of the Portland branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), ED Mondainé, warned that the Black Lives Matter movement in the city is being coopted by “privileged white people” with other agendas. He said the confrontations with the federal officers sent by the president are little more than a “spectacle and a distraction that do nothing for the cause of black equality”.

Mondainé accused groups of young white people at the forefront of confronting federal officers of rising to Trump’s bait and using the campaign against racial injustice to provoke a fight in pursuit of other causes, such as anti-capitalism.

“The children of the privileged are dancing on the stages of those that gave their lives for this movement,” he told the Guardian.

Given that Portland is about 3% black – about the same as the UK as a whole – that the protestors are largely not-black shouldn’t come as all that much of a surprise.

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  1. Anyone who still thinks that the non violent killings, woundings, burning and looting has anything to do with benefiting black people isn’t paying attention.
    Defunding the police hurts honest black people (the large majority) by leaving them prey to black criminals.
    Burning down majority black neighbourhoods is of no benefit to black people.
    The point is to create chaos from which one party seeks to gain.
    We’ll see if it works that way.

  2. Pat. You’re assuming blacks act in their own collective best interests. You obviously haven’t much personal experience of blacks. FFS! Just look at Africa.

    I think it’s entirely possible there are blacks acting in their own personal interests. That would be the default.

  3. Ironically, blacks have been moving away from the most “progressive” states in large numbers and heading down south.

  4. Dennis, Who's Got Him A Shootin' Iron

    If the protestors are white then the police might as well go ahead and start shooting them.

    Last Thursday morning I stopped at Vance’s (a very good gun shop). At 10:30 in the morning there was a line of at least a dozen people waiting to purchase a gun. In practical terms most of those folks ended up waiting between one and three hours in that line (on a good day the background check takes at least 20 minutes; it can often take twice that). I didn’t have to wait in line to buy ammo, but was limited to 100 rounds of 9mm and 50 rounds of 38 Special.

    This tells me two things. First, if the protestors try to move into suburbia and rural areas, the police won’t get the chance to shoot them. Second, Donald Trump has already won the election. He’s running on law and order and Joe Biden isn’t.

    And take note of this: People that already own guns aren’t the ones who will bother standing in line for hours to buy a gun. They already have them. This summer’s violence has been a come to Jesus moment for a lot of liberals, whether they will admit it in public or not.

    It’s worth noting that if the Portland NAACP is publicly distancing itself from BLM, lots of African-Americans have already come to the conclusion that BLM has nothing to do with advancing the cause of racial justice.

  5. 10-4, Dennis of Multiple Personalities.

    I have a friend who is a Chicago ex pat. He keeps bugging me about what gun he should get. 78 years old and he has never been interested in firearms before.

    I was in Cabelas* last week. Handgun ammo shelves were completely empty. They usually have the most stock around. Clerk said they sell everything as soon as it comes in. [Couldn’t help but think of Walmart during the .22 shortage a few short years ago: STORE MANAGEMENT was buying all to resell on the outside.]

    Handgun counters were about 80% empty. I thought it nice. All the low end shit was sold. Gamecock could look at the fine stuff they still had.

    *For you Europeans, Cabales is an American big box sporting goods chain. It was bought ought by Bass Pro Shops a couple of years ago. BPS is trying hard to kill the brand.

  6. It’ll be interesting to see how many black voters get driven into the Trump camp by noticing exactly how white (and Democratic) the whole ‘Lets burn the town down to help black people’ movement is.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    You wouldn’t think it listening to the likes of the BBC but there’s quite a large black middle class who are just as appalled at the whole BLM crap as most Republicans judging by my podcast an Twitter feeds. They might not be the stereotypical MAGA Trump supporter but they don’t see him as the out and out racist that the left likes to claim.

  8. @bis, Dennis, Gamecock, Jim, BiND
    Spot on

    Who’s collective interest benefits from all retail closing?

    Leftists will always destroy civilisation given sufficient power
    The Seattle police chief informs business owners that they are on their own against rioters. The city council has tied her hands

    Hat’s off to Red Bull and Goya

    Lewis Hamilton’s BLM world: Anarchy, F1 destroyed/stolen, followed by abject poverty for vast majority

    What’s gone wrong?
    – Common sense is gone and has been replaced with the ‘tyranny of experts’
    Fake experts, lying experts, “experts” who edit the facts at every juncture in order to support their political goals
    Astonishing comment:
    – “David Lammy, 12 hours ago, Unelected health “experts” should make recommendations for government to consider, not dictates for government to obey.

  9. Yes, Pcar. Thomas Sowell said that the last 50 years, we have been replacing what works with what sounds good.

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