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Giant US retailer Walmart is set to discontinue sales of “All Lives Matter” merchandise on their website, after a social media backlash.

The company, which is the biggest retailer in the US, caused controversy online earlier this week when it was revealed that a third-party brand, Old Glory, was selling a number of $20 T-shirts via the Walmart website, including “Blue Lives Matter”, “Irish Lives Matter”, “Homeless Lives Matter”, “Police Lives Matter”, “Drunk Lives Matter” as well as “All Lives Matter”.

The anger on social media began when Twitter user Kate Udle posted a screen grab of an “All Lives Matter T-shirt” with the comment “Are you kidding me @walmartcanada??? Disgusting. Do better.” Other Twitter users expressed their dismay, with one asking: “Why make it easier for the racists to get their clothing?”

Buy a t-shirt stamping (??) machine. Contract with a Bangladeshi factory for supplies of plans at 50 cents a piece. Scan the news for whatever is pissing the Woken SS off at any one time. Advertise and print.

Anyone got any cash?

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  1. “All lives matter” is racist but “Black lives matter” isn’t. I don’t think that even the people who think that this is true could explain the logic behind it. I think that the root of the problem might go back to when Tony Blair had the bright idea of sending idiots to university.

  2. I have been thinking about a similar business line actually. Mainly because I couldn’t find a “fuck your pronouns” t-shirt.

    In a world where cunts like Kate Udle are disgusted by the sentiment ‘all lives matter’, rude t-shirts are a revolutionary act.

    What would your preferred anti-SJW t-shirt say?

  3. Bloke in cornwall

    Inkjet printer and iron on / heat press transfers… Last long enough to not get loads of returns but not as good as screen printing. Much cheaper initially and very much more flexible but slightly higher cost per print.

  4. You could even do a special for the Met Police:
    “Brazillian Lives Matter”

    Cressida Dick would take 13 like a shot.

  5. Philip Scott Thomas

    You could even do a special for the Met Police:
    “Brazillian Lives Matter”

    Cressida Dick would take 13 like a shot.


  6. After the London Bridge jihadis, I went looking for a “Fuck you, I’m Millwall” t-shirt, with a faint and not altogether serious idea of setting up a company to sell such if no one was already doing it. To my amazement, I found someone who already was. That was within a few days of the vibrantdiversity in question.

  7. How much demand is there really for a t-shirt that basically gets you verbal abuse every time you wear it?

    You might get away with “Irish Lives Matter” on 17/3, but none of the rest.

    Also, those t-shirts advertised on Walmart’s website don’t actually exist; they’re printed on-demand. The seller just pays Walmart a listing fee.

  8. @MC

    “It’s okay to be white” is still the number 1 SJW bait and would make the best t-shirt. It’s tortured, but just enough, logic like “All Lives Matter distracts from BLM” that will get past regular folk not paying enough attention. SJW apoplexy around “It’s okay to be white” wakes regular folk up though.

  9. Cheaper–if you’re computer savvy–to set up a woke scum boycott list where the Internet could go to see who is kissing Marxist arse. And tell them you’re not buying any more of their crap.

    Esp if bot-threats can be made illegal. Individuals should always be free to say–“not buying etc”. But it seems
    the scum of the left massively boost their influence by sending 1000s of bot messages. In terms of numbers the Reds are no commercial advantage that any business would care about losing. But 1000s of emails from supposed customers spooks the foolish and greedy.

    Also a business for anti-big tech people. Charge a small fee to get your clients issue in front of whichever Big Tech scum is causing it. Ord folk get the run around–useless message/text type help lines. Or pseudo tying type calls with know nothing/can do nothing type IT pricks who can’t escalate yr case. And the “what others have done FAQ”.

    What’ needed is someone who can get round that crap and give you the CEO’s home number etc.

  10. The author Michael Connolly is supporting a homeless charity in LA selling t-shirts bearing a quote from Det. Harry Bosch: Everybody Counts or Nobody Counts.

    That should piss of the woke no end.

  11. “Rude t-shirts are a revolutionary act”

    Over 40 years ago I was sent to do a job at a local Services Married Quarters. I’d gone to work that day wearing a Tee Shirt with the slogan:

    Join the Army
    Travel to far off lands
    Meet unusual people
    And KILL them

    The Occifers wife answered the door, and wasn’t best pleased…

  12. Advertise and print.

    There’s the flaw in your business plan. As Andrew M points out, that is essentially what the Wallmart third party was doing. Where are you going to advertise? Lamp posts? The internet is becoming East Germany; it’s very difficult to be subversive when one-in-three is a snitch.

  13. The Meissen Bison

    Arts graduates are reflected in the presence of the letter “o” in the second and fifth words.

  14. Bloke near Worcester

    Mr. Ecks. Even that seems to only work sometimes. A while ago I bought a freezer from John Lewis. Said freezer did not turn up. Asked for refund. Said refund did not turn up. Started action in the County Court and sent copy of Court papers to John Lewis CEO.

    No response – from her, but I did get an email from very flash lawyers who agreed to pay. I think this CEO has been replaced, but I hope I don’t have to test if the new one is any better (probably wont since I tend to shop elsewhere now)

  15. All Lives Matter,
    even the n****rs’

    That would blow lots of fuses, but you would need very large cojones to wear it…

  16. The Meissen Bison


    One could introduce a bit of humour, perhaps:

    Pygmy Lives Matter a Little

  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Everybody Counts or Nobody Counts.

    Doesn’t that discriminate against arts graduates?”

    I thought it was the tobacco that counts?

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