This is fascinating

Richard Murphy says:
July 13 2020 at 11:17 am

Look at the post

And look at what Clive Parry has to say as well – including the fact that it would take ten years for our rates to really change and the trend is downward, the world over

The risk of interest rates rising is very, very low

If this is so then why is the BoE buying gilts?

If not, you know, to lower interest rates below where they would be without QE?

1 thought on “This is fascinating”

  1. How old is Murphy? How old is Chris Parry? Can they not remember the changes in interest rates rates under Wilson and Thatcher in the UK and Paul Volcker in the USA? Maybe their short-term memory is failing if they haven’t remembered the drop in interest rates after the Clinton-inspired banking crisis in the USA and its knock-on impact in Europe.

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