Umm, really?

In some ways, Kelly Preston’s most famous role was the one outside the movies: as John Travolta’s wife. They married in 1991 and became probably the most devotedly uxorious Hollywood couple since Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman.

There were slightly fewer bits of gossip about Newman’s interest in shirt tails, weren’t there?

8 thoughts on “Umm, really?”

  1. I can honestly say that I have not got a clue about gossip surrounding any of them. If you had asked me last week who any of them were married to I would not have known.

    That is why, back in the days of Trivial Pursuit, when I got to the centre, I was always asked a pink question.

  2. @DocBud- excellent point.

    @JuliaM – in all the photos I see of Depp and Heard together, she looks glowing and he looks either hostile or rather like Prince Harri does these days…

  3. Definition of uxorious I found ended with ‘There’s no corresponding adjective you can use of a wife “controlled” by her husband.’

    Wisdom of the ages. If I knew any feminazis, I’d ask the opposite of uxorious.

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