Welcome to the marketplace luv

‘I cannot be silent’: exposing the racial pay gap among influencers
The disparity between the fees paid to black influencers and their white counterparts has come under scrutiny after a group of campaigners spoke out

Different people are worth different amounts of money. I get paid less than Victoria Coren. I’d get paid less than her even if we wrote at the same length for the same newspaper on the same day.

That’s just how it works. Possibly more alarmingly I get paid than Julie Bindel (at least I think I do) or Afua Hirsch and that’s also just how it works. I get paid what editors value me at just like everyone else in the same game.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I started to read that, then I thought: why am I wasting my time reading about one bunch of narcissists complaint that another bunch of narcissists are getting more attention than them. The best policy here is to ignore the lot of them.

  2. I cannot be silent when I see bendingoverbackwards condescension from Guardian hacks evolve into assumed white superiority with its use of ‘sic’ patronisingly to indicate when they think I’ve made a spelling mistake. I wrote ‘form’ and I meant ‘form’. Just aks anyone, said the chippy, stupid woman who wants free stuff.

  3. I see the Graun is now demanding I register before I can read their crap. Presumably that requires an e-mail addy so their advertisers can spam me. The temptation to register theguardianisaheapofshit.info domain is very strong. Or has someone already got it?

  4. If you were a Brony influencer you’d get paid less too. Even if you were the bestest Brony influencer ever. Even if you were so white that *Finns* thought you were too white. The size of the market matters.

  5. Black women confessing they can’t be silent is the biggest shock since Philip Schofield pranced out of the broom cupboard tho.

  6. I see the Graun is now demanding I register before I can read their crap.

    The “I’ll do it later” option gets you the page. Just refreshing might get through too.

    It’s an anti-capitalist-power-fist-with-compassionate-head-tilt level block.

  7. BlokeInTejasInNormandy

    WTF is an ‘influencer’?

    But, has to be said, whatever it is, if someone ‘identifies’ as a Black Influencer they’re not going to say anything more nuanced that ‘wipipo bad’ and ‘waaaaycism’. And since that’s available from hundreds of others, ain’t much point paying them much for it.

  8. “I get paid less than Victoria Coren.”

    Because your readers don’t imagine sinking their face into your luscious and massive tits they way they do with VCM.

  9. ‘after a group of campaigners spoke out’

    Third party. It seems people can make a living in Britain speaking for somebody else.

  10. The problem’s not with the influencers. It’s with the influenced. Influenced white women go out & buy products. You can see why the manufacturers would wish to pay the influencers. Black women go out & loot products. Not quite the same business model.

  11. ha…what starts off a good thing descends into nail perceiving hammers syndrome.

    I can well see a problem of One woman and man bands being rooked by sophisticated market players.

    The problem is – what should i ask for? What’s needed is the exchange of information. Excellent, internet, social media, very good at that sort of thing- set up a group, ask others.

    Soi dissant influencer -Bad luck Rook Partners inc no more woolly eyes, I know my worth. i’d like to be paid the same as this other person”.

    Rooks =”Ok Same reach same reach,same audience demographic, same widget market? Good point, sorry about that here’s the improved offer.

    Rooks- not same reach, different demographic, not widgets but gizmos. Non good point, our offer is the best we can get you.

    Influencer “Four score years ago, i have a dream, zigazig ah….”

  12. M’Lud – Oh yeah.

    I was genuinely shocked (ok, mildly surprised) by Philip’s revelation, because I never realised we were meant to think he was straight. It was like Timmy Mallett confessing he isn’t actually Thor.

    Dunno if you ever saw that episode of “Extras” guest starring the late, great Gerard Kelly as a flamboyant thesp.

  13. Slightly O/T, little Owen has a piece in the ‘Ndraguia explaining (for the 94th time) why the ‘right-wing’ media swung the Brexit vote. After a decade writing for the broadsheets, he still hasn’t grasped that newspapers* reflect the views of their readership (or, at least, their target readership), and not vice versa.

    * well, they do if they wish to be profitable – it’s different if they’ve got a billion quid stashed in an offshore tax haven

  14. Anyone, black or white, who earns a quid or more from ‘influencing’ should count themselves lucky to be in a crazy world that allows worthless drones to make any sort of living flashing their arse on social media.

  15. Would Owen be complaining if the left-wing media had swung the Brexit or any other vote? No, he sees that as their actual purpose.

  16. People focus on ‘equal pay for equal work’ – and then define ‘equal work’ as ‘substantially similar’ and ignore the whole ‘even if you’re doing the same work, is your work of the same value?’ bit.

    It might be that Black ‘influencers’ get paid less because they’re not as influential as others?

  17. Shoulda stayed in school, so you didn’t have to become an influencer.

    Sad to hear that caring influencers are just in it for the money.

    Try coding.

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