Well done to the arts graduates at The Guardian

Talkin’ baht summat like a micropancreas:

Betalin Therapeutics said its “bio-artificial” pancreas aims to free patients of the need for insulin injections and blood sugar monitoring. It is designed for people with type 1 type 2 diabetes who require insulin.

The Guardian’s arts graduates thinking that there is a type 2 of type 1 diabetes. Which is not – at least this social sciences graduate doesn’t think so – quite how it works.

7 thoughts on “Well done to the arts graduates at The Guardian”

  1. @mr Ecks

    While that is a lot of insulin, it sounds like the new treatment reduces the possibility of complications from poorly managed diabetes and increased mortality. Sounds pretty cheap for these benefits.

  2. Diabetes ‘cured’ what then the excuse for the food Nazis to pester us?

    ‘… adapted from pig lung tissue…’

    Bad news for Muslims. And not Kosher.

  3. “Diabetes ‘cured’ what then the excuse for the food Nazis to pester us?”

    Since their anti fat mantra has been responsible for the increase in cases of diabetes, we should already be telling them to piss off.

    I am a type two diabetic and manage it by doing plenty of exercise. That means that I can have a fairly normal diet as long as I’m not totally stupid.

  4. Me too, Stonyground.

    Few symptoms in 15 years. But I have to manage what I eat, watch my weight, and exercise.

    It’s doable. I believe that most Type 2s with significant symptoms . . . it’s their own damn fault.

  5. When it comes to type 2 diabetes, an artificial pancreas is no more a cure than injecting insulin manually. Rather than curing the condition – which is one of developed insulin resistance – these increasing doses actually compound it.

    The only cure – assuming your pancreas is not already failing – is to switch to a very low carb diet, to allow some degree of insulin sensitivity to return.

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