Re contact tracing app:

Ireland can get this right.

We can’t.

That’s not by chance.

That’s the result of failed leadership.

How long must we suffer this?

Well Snippa, the NHS tried to write their own app. No privatisation, see? Ireland hired an outside contractor who knew what they were doing. Privatisation, profit making companies gaining health care cash.

Quite, how long must we suffer this?

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  1. Of course, this is based on the premise that such an app has any usefulness. Is that known? As it is, England seems to be doing quite well with people self-logging contacts but that is only the start of the process. More happens under the surface than just getting contact names. Most people need a lot of help to understand what counts as a contact. Note, my partner is doing this stuff

  2. Err, what? The NHS didn’t develop the app in-house; they contracted it out to a private software services company. Ireland’s HSE did exactly the same.

  3. Not to worry, the privatised version won’t work either.
    Consider traces as akin to the infection rate, Ro. This will give you a To of somewhere between 3 and 150. A small delay in contacting the tracked infected person will, unless the To number is highly recursive, give you approximately the UK population in a few days.

  4. We are approaching the point of cv-19 being ubiquitous (which is where we need to be).

    Such that someone getting it is not going to trigger a big search for whom they have been in contact with.

  5. Dennis, He Who Remains Unpublished

    More Nonsense Haiku from Spud.

    Ireland gets something right?
    In our life time I think not.
    Maybe Scotland, eh?

  6. “That’s the result of failed leadership.”

    If only SF would take their seats, their leadership talents could be recognised.

  7. The NHS had to come up with their own App because our Nationalist misgovernment( supported by you ) decided, at a well attended torch light parade we must have a BRITISH app ! Cos its British innit
    Perhaps you have missed all the other exciting takes of opportunities for “import substitution” ( that would be substituting the thing we want for some old shit with a Union jack on it )
    All your fault

    We are going to sell luxury cars to Australia you know … that will really test the genius distance makes no difference theory.Is that the stupidest idea yet ?

  8. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    All your fault

    Yet another sophisticated and nuanced take on current events by Mr. “I’m the polite one here, you fucking sodomite, because Mama raised me right!” himself.

  9. The original quote reads like something from E.J. Thripp.

    Oh, and I loved the bit about a nationalist government. If only.

    My locale has recently had a pikey infestation, as we tend to at this time of year.

    All I can do is have one off the wrist, contemplating what a nationalist government might do in re. pikey infestations.

  10. Facepaint -every time on here you sound more like your shite is being written in the day room of a mental hospital.

    Brexit is coming to crush you flat enough to slide under a door–make sure you tell your therapist all about it (poor cow) in between trying to look up her skirt. Spud will be joining you for group therapy soon.

  11. You have prompted a thought, M’Lud. P’raps Mr Murphy has pikey blood. Accountancy’s driveway tarmacer.

  12. OMG, Pcar!

    ‘The Open Rights Group (ORG) says that this means the initiative has been unlawful since it was launched in late May.

    The government says there is no evidence of data being used unlawfully.’

    Your having it is unlawful, dumbass.

    ‘Speaking on BCC Breakfast, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said, “In no way has [there] been a breach of any of the data that has been stored.”‘

    Your having it is a breach, dumbass.

    ‘He continued, “I think your viewers will understand that if we are to defeat this virus, we do need to have a test and trace system and we had to get that up and running at incredible speed…. Are you really advocating that we get rid of a test and trace system? I don’t think you are.”‘

    The Bureaucrat says, “What I am doing is so important, I don’t have to follow the rules. And you plebes can’t stop me. Now get out of my way.”

  13. @Gamecock

    +1 If Cambridge Analytica had developed same app & back end storage then made use of it free to public; BBC, C4, Guardian would be going mental and demanding Gov’t/ICO shut it down and fine them

    Williamson should have said “Not my brief, ask Hancock” instead of spouting bollockss

    One law for us, no laws for them

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