Well, yes…..

We know – and the government knows – that LGBT+ people suffer disproportionately from mental health issues

This is true.

The important thing is to work out why this is so?

due to multiple factors: discrimination, lack of family support, long waiting lists for essential treatment, social isolation and so on.

Well, yes, that’s also undoubtedly true. But possibly not the whole story. After all we do insist that some forms of body dysmorphia are mental health issues in themselves, do we not?

19 thoughts on “Well, yes…..”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Do L, G, B, T and + suffer in equal proportions from mental health ‘issues’? If not, why does she lump (and at the risk of seeming ungallant, the word seems oddly appropriate in her case) this farrago into one amorphous blob?

  2. People with mental problems suffer more from mental problems than people without mental problems. Who’d a thunk it?

  3. Soon we’ll see complaints that it’s so unfair because some plain women will be falsely assumed to be trannies.

    A whole new prejudice to complain about, eh?

  4. What is an LGBTQ+ person?

    Sounds like multiple personality disorder, a well recognised psychiatric condition.

  5. Hell, I have no problems with your good old old-fashioned gays and lesbians, heck, my favourite cousin became a good old carpet-munching lesbian at old age. She didn’t suddenly become a socialist or a “liberal”. But when we go to this gender/trans bollocks then I think one has to be mentally ill to begin with. So mental illness comes first, trans bollocks is just one outlet for it.

  6. The T+ is a group defined by mental illness, so naturally suffers more.

    The gays and lesbians I know do not seem to suffer any more than the rest.

  7. I read somewhere else that some of the founders of Stonewall left to form a new group which caters for the interests of same-sex attracted people, as they felt Stonewall had been taken over by the tranny mentalists and particularly that women/lesbians were being sidelined. Now, of course, they and their new group are being hounded by the tranny mentalists with abuse and threats.
    After decades of UK legislation to protect gays and lesbians, I suspect their only real threat comes from the tranny mentalists.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Thanks to the lockdown being extended far longer than was needed to meet the original justification (lets not argue about whether it was needed or not on this post), we are going to see a large increase in the number of people with mental health problems.

    Mental health professionals are a scarce resource and I would rather those affected by the lockdown too priority rather than the bunch of narcissists who are always banging on about the rights of blokes in frocks to be able to intimidate women.

    And now I’m off to do my bit for my own mental health and that of the economy of my local pub.

  9. @ BiND

    Agree on the mental health and the pub – been for lunch and a few (three) pints and feel much better for it. All the better for it being a non-tied pub run by a hard working couple who deserve the business after the stupidity of the lockdown took a lot of their trade away.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    I settled for 2 pints because a 3rd usually leads to a 6th and I’d promised Mrs BiND I wouldn’t, for one 🙂

    It was quite busy because we have a couple of camp sites in the village and both have taken a lot of bookings, which was nice to see.

    Chatting to one of the young lads who owns it (its a long story but it was bought by two local brothers last year) and he reckoned that the government had chosen to lockdown Leicester as warning to the rest of us to behave. A nice bit of Machiavellian thinking there.

    (Yes, it was tongue in cheek)

  11. @MC
    Correct – large exodus from stonewall, the Scottish LGB group is called far-right by msm

    Three pints of what? Three pints of Guinness over three hours and I feel sh1t and want to sleep


    Leicester: apparently it’s Gov’t, Council and whities’ fault – the RoP sweatshops, restaurants etc never closed as guidance/rules not published in enough languages

  12. @ Pcar

    Three pints of Aspall’s cyder over two hours which did cause me to have a little snooze this afternoon/evening.

  13. ‘LGBT+ people suffer disproportionately from mental health issues’

    Petitio principii. We have no evidence that they ‘suffer.’ They seem to enjoy it.

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