Well, yes, quite possibly

The government has claimed it has spent £15 billion on PPE as a result of coronavirus. Given that we know there shortages of PPE until very recently I am taking ‘spent’ as meaning that amount has been used.


Something about this does not stack, especially when we know most could not get PPE for love nor money during this period.

Who is not telling the truth?

And who is making a fortune?

Or is there fraud somewhere?

As an auditor (and I was for many years) I smell what I would simply suggest is ‘something not right’.

The actual answer possibly being that government is a grossly inefficient, near entirely wasteful, method of getting things done.

That being the answer we’ll not get from Snippa given that that entirely kills his political worldview.

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  1. Isn’t it .. according to Gordon Brown and other fucknuckles like Spud… “invested” 15 Billion?

  2. Not directly related, but I wonder if those who frequent these hallowed halls from the Iberian peninsula have anything to add on this?

  3. The linked Twitter post is rather oddly worded, possibly down to the character limit. I’m not quite sure what he is trying to say. Was the reporter made to look like Comical Alli as he realised that it was obvious to everyone that he was lying?

  4. Here’s a question I had about the government PPE strategic stockpile and I don’t know enough about good inventory management to answer.

    Lots of doctors complained that when they got their PPE it had a label for the expiry date but pull it off and you found another long-passed expiry date underneath that, and pull that off sometimes found you an even earlier one. Didn’t give much confidence in the kit but seems it was normal to revalidate stuff at end of life. Makes sense as a way to reduce waste, but presumably some gear failed the retesting and got disposed of.

    For stuff like masks and gowns though, which would be in constant demand even outside a pandemic, I wondered why the reserve wasn’t treated more like a buffer. As stuff gets towards end of life, rather than revalidate it why not ship it to hospitals that actually need it? And buy in new stock to replace them? Now I guess it’s wasteful to do that in some ways, you’d have to have people in charge of the stockpile constantly buying stuff in and shipping stuff out. But then forming and maintaining those kinds of relationships with suppliers and hospitals might not have been such a bad thing if it meant the logistics worked smoother in a crisis.

    Might be a straightforward common-sense reason this idea is total rubbish that I’m missing, of course.

  5. I am taking ‘spent’ as meaning that amount has been used.

    I’m just a dumb engineer, but even I know the difference between funds committed and goods delivered. Spent really does not mean the amount that has been used.

    Of course the government is going to talk up the value of long term contracts to prove they’re doing something. The actual delivery and use could of course be years into the future.

  6. MBE as I understand the position, each Trust is normally responsible for its own purchases of PPE etc. However, as part of Brexit “planning”, the Government built up an emergency stockpile. I believe it is this stockpile that is being alluded to in this story. I saw a story about this a few weeks ago but cannot remember where. But reporting is so stupid and ill-informed that you can never take anything in the press at face value. They might have made a new commitment as part of the “fight” against this “pandemic” but that would be to replace the Brexit stockpile. I do not really think that they could have purchased £15bn on PPE since the end of March. That’s a metric fuckton of scrubs!

  7. @Diogenes

    I believe in addition to the Brexit prep there was a pandemic flu stockpile under the auspices of PHE (and previously the HPA) which is why the dates were so old on some stock.

    Annual NHS budget is about £140 billion, so £15 billion on four months PPE – even at greater rates than usual – looks distinctly odd. Carry that on for a year and it’s more than the defence budget.

    The FT says the emergency PPE purchases were about £5.5 billion https://www.ft.com/content/c0d439c8-18ac-499b-8115-da2bc0f18567 but other papers are running with fifteen, not sure what the difference was. Given all the chancers rushing to get into the industry when they realised the extent of the global shortage – recall Guido had a piece on the dodgy middlemen Labour were promoting at one stage, but they must have been the tip of the iceberg – I would be astonished if there hadn’t been enormous amounts of both fraud and waste. https://order-order.com/2020/04/22/rachel-reeves-sends-government-wild-ppe-goose-chase/

  8. Dennis, Bullshit Detector

    As an auditor (and I was for many years) I smell what I would simply suggest is ‘something not right’.

    Am I correct in remembering that Spud spent a year or so with a Big 8 firm before being giving to opportunity to explore other employment opportunities?

    I’m not sure that constitutes “many years”.

    And if he knows auditing to the extent he knows accounting, tax and economics, well, that about says it all, doesn’t it?

  9. Spud’s default assumption is that there’s a top hat wearing, moustache twirling evil capitalist sitting astride a heap of cash as he chortles at the successful outcome of his evil master plan.

  10. It amounts to £10,000 per employee in the NHS (not just frontline staff). This makes about as much sense as the budget for HS2 (which, last time I looked, worked out, mile for mile, the same as a stack of twenty-pound notes – no, not twenties laid end-to-end, but stacked on each other, that is, around £180,000 per metre or £300 million per mile). For another, slightly outdated example, some ten years ago, the government was paying BT £300 per e-mail account per month.

    WTFF? Why do we put up with this?

  11. It’s the 10 BILLION spent on test and track that bothers me. Up to 19th June 10 million was spent,Since then 986 million has been spent. That works out at 494 million per day, or about 100 million per working hour.
    How can they possibly piss away that much money or has the MSM added some orders of magnitude?

    (The app still won’t work. Unless you are a nun in a closed order you will have had some exposure already. The number of contacts – To = 6 or more* – means that , unless the contacts are highly recursive, the whole population will soon be asked to self isolate.)

    *T I’ve used in the same way as the Ro infection rate,where T is the number of contacts < 2. metres.

  12. I think i mentioned it before but heard of an airline pilot switched from carrying peeps to PPE from china. On the out journey – it was bullion to pay for it.

  13. I think i mentioned it before but heard of an airline pilot switched from carrying peeps to PPE from china. On the out journey – it was bullion to pay for it.

    Someone’s been making out like a bandit.

    Communist bandits even. Which is appropriately the name given to the Maoists by the Nationalists, which they still hate so much YouTube was autodeleting comments containing 共匪 until someone noticed recently. Apparently the deleting bot was buggy. Totally accidental that it was sparing the ChiComs’ blushes.

  14. I do wonder what Western governments would’ve done differently were they in the pay of the CCP.

  15. @ Edward Lud
    Not complained about the WHO being in the pocket of the CCP.
    Hushed up comments about China sending supplies that were so faulty that they were rejected on arrival and testing kits that didn’t work.

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