What a lovely typo

Even certain sportswear manufactures would hesitate to employ such a cynical co-opting of the Black Lives Mattes movement.

14 thoughts on “What a lovely typo”

  1. Matte (filmmaking) – Wikipedia
    In film, the principle of a matte requires masking certain areas of the film emulsion to selectively control which areas are exposed.

    Compositing techniques known as chroma keying that remove all areas of a certain colour from a recording – colloquially known as “bluescreen” or “greenscreen” after the most popular colours used – are probably the best-known and most widely used modern techniques for creating travelling mattes,

  2. Before chromakey, in optical compositing mattes were black to prevent exposure of that area of film.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I like the Black Lives Latte. Presumably Starbucks will have to change the name of their Americano. So a Black Lives Latte is an Americano as they would wish it to be – Black, bitter, not a trace of milk and served with an extra dash of bile.

  4. Only some Black Lives Matter to Left

    Bernell Trammel: Do you know his name?
    Last week in Milwaukee, a well-known, passionate figure in the community was murdered

    Bernell Trammel: A teachable moment

    He wasn’t a career criminal, therefore not a saint worthy of 3 funerals and Dem’s support

    It’s not about a virus, blacks etc it’s about the 2020 election, everything has been Weaponized to regain power
    Teachers Unions – here’s a novel idea – no work no pay

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