What screaming gobshite is this?

The equivalent for me is “What rights don’t trans people have?” The text seems like a perfectly reasonable question but online, it is very rarely asked in good faith.

In this case, the context is that in almost every case the questioner knows exactly which rights trans people don’t have (the right to healthcare, the right to family life, the right to a private life, the right to protection from discrimination and violence, etc) but doesn’t care.

The NHS won’t treat a broken leg if there’s a ballsack underneath the dress? Anyone – other than perhaps his ex-wife – taken away Gary’s kids because summat? Punching Jack Monroe carries – righteously – the same punishment as punching someone as obviously cis and het as Teresa May. And as for the private life bit we’re all rather hoping for a bit more of it from xes.

22 thoughts on “What screaming gobshite is this?”

  1. But the Hawaiian shirt is the adopted uniform of far-right thugs who want to start a second US Civil War,

    😀 😀 😀

  2. the right to a private life

    I’ve never seen any indication that these narcissistic deviants want anything private about their lives.

  3. Dennis, Phobic Of Whatever Today's Stupidity Happens To Be

    I’ve never seen any indication that these narcissistic deviants want anything private about their lives.

    Indeed. Carrie Marshall seems determined to inflict the details of hers upon us, and in all its tedious detail.

  4. Steve, I’ve had my hawaiian shirt now for 3 summers, unused, in the closet, it’s still raining. I am biding my time, y’all know, one day we’ll have them damned yankees on the run again. South’s gonna rise again!

  5. I wonder how many people care, its right down there with fox hunting in my live/die /fuck off ..don`t care, draw. During the whole “Take a knee “,thing however thats what I keep wondering; what is it you want? You can`t make racial discrimination any more illegal.
    I daresay that Tims girlfriend Afua Hirsch would say reparations paid by (presumably) white people only in the UK. Well ….shit though the UK and the US may be, I do not notice any exodus in the direction of Africa.
    If you are going fine the West for being more advanced and stronger during this period .. ok .I would also like to take collective credit for every advance in medicine, agriculture,industry and peacekeeping given to the world .

    All in all I `d say every African, saved from living in stone age misery, owes me .Doubly owes me , in fact,because without the lure of easy money there would have been much more investment in industry and social advancement and we would all be better off. Bit like Oil often being bad for an economy …

  6. I find this so rewarding. I have an enormous collection of genuine, American made, Hawaiian shirts. Dozens. I scour second hand clothes shops across Europe for the most garish. Or buy on EBay from the States. Some, you need special darkened glasses to safely view them. But I never knew they were the adopted uniform of far-right thugs who want to start a second US Civil War, Does this entitle me to the European franchise on Civil War thuggery? Where should I open my first outlet?

  7. MC:

    I think that the quote you’re looking for is from Shrek: “You have the right to a private life; what you lack is the capacity!”.

  8. On the subject of shirts, Mr in Spain, I think you ought also to stock those t-shirts adorned with pics of different guns, under the headline in military cargo stencil patterning, ‘CELEBRATE DIVERSITY’.

  9. For those of us who haven’t watched re-runs of Hawaii-5-O so we can’t remember, hence don’t know, what a Hawaiian shirt looks like it seems that we risk being condemned to the fifth circle of Hell for our memory loss.
    In the ranks of intolerant bigots Gary Marshall stands high and proud.

  10. From its blog

    “We like to think that in online discussions, both sides are approaching the subject in good faith. That both sides are approaching the discussion with sincerity, with openness and with a genuine desire to find the truth, even if that means they have to change their views. And of course, that’s not how it works.”

    No Gary that’s not how it works with some people. Some people like you. The truth is you’re a bloke. An ugly bloke. An ugly bloke in a wig and perhaps,from time to time, a dress. But that won’t change your delusional opinion that you’re a woman. You’re not. Now fvck off.

  11. ” Does this entitle me to the European franchise on Civil War thuggery? ”

    Enormous hats are the European equivalent.

  12. Fair do’s Steve. Magnum did do a vigilante execution of a commie agent.

    The marx-turd and Magnum were on some out of the way beach ( no witnesses) and Magnum had caught the bloke who was boasting that he would beat the decadent Western rap and soon be back on the assassination trail again.

    To my total amazement and joy Magnum says “Who next? Thatcher? Reagan? ” and promptly drops the red turd like a sack of potatoes with a single shot.

    Prime time show hero stages a vigilante execution of commie crap. Those were the days.

    Anyone recommend any bargains in Hawaiian shirts ?–and good quality ordinary /walking shoes while we’re doing recommends.

  13. @Steve… welll… the Hawaiian shirt is seen as something just short of a war crime in many places… 😛

    @Jonathan… That isn’t a big hat… Current Epic Hattishness is defined by the Jägers in the Girl Genius comic. See here.

  14. Shorter Gary Marshall:
    “If you disagree with me, it’s because you are acting in bad faith”

  15. the right to family life

    Time to replace that dictionary definition of ‘chutzpah’. Throw out the murderer of their parents and pleading mitigation as an orphan, add this.

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