What’s a progressive to do?

Republicans in danger of losing huge portion of their women senators
The Senate GOP has a record number of women. That could soon change.

Vote for the woman and thereby promote the claimed intention of increasing the power of women? Or not?

10 thoughts on “What’s a progressive to do?”

  1. But Republicans face a challenging electoral environment up and down the ballot, particularly as suburban female voters have turned away from the party in droves out of antipathy for President Donald Trump.

    We’ll see, eh?

    But I think one of the central lessons from Western Civilisation’s rapid decline is that letting women vote was a yuge mistake. Not because they’re stupid, but because they have terrible judgement and give no more thought to the future than the average parakeet does. We’ve put up with a century of this nonsense, and nothing good has ever come of it.

    End the suffraging.

  2. Are they including Lindsey Graham?

    There’s only 4 or 5 running. What constitutes ‘huge portion of their women?’

    ‘Senate Republicans could lose nearly half of the women currently in their caucus come November after recently making painstaking gains’

    Fvcking TWO. Fun with maths.

    And it’s good to know Politico is concerned. NOT. They are for the whole lot to be wiped out.

  3. Token Women – Biden VP Must be Black Woman

    Susan Rice Is this a joke? She knows where the bodies from her prior job are. Kiss good bye to all of the investigation on Bill ‘Tarmac Meeting”, Hellary, Comey and gang if she is in White House

    Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice among female contenders for Vice President spot

  4. The penny drops. Biden must appoint a trans woman as his running mate. Anything else would be a betrayal to the cis-normative blah, blah, blah.

  5. “Michelle Obama, perhaps?”

    It appears that Kamala “Horizontal” Harris’ Wikipedia page is getting a good deep-clean at present, which some are seeing as a prelude to her being inserted as Sleepy Joe’s VP candidate….

    Not sure anyone is identifying her as a trans woman – perhaps California Speaker Willie Brown could be asked for his opinion?


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