What’s the betting then?

Sudden outbreak of worms reported in South Korea’s water supply
City officials believe that insects may have laid eggs in water treatment facilities as an urgent investigation is ordered

This is happening in many cities at the same time.

My bet is that some environmentalist got them to change the water treatment system. Perhaps chlorine is that poison that Greenpeace says it is (some environmentalists really have gone after chlorine as a water treatment, causing cholera outbreaks as a result) or summat like that.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    You have a relatively low trust society that until recently put human excrement directly on to the fields as their main form of fertilizer – one thing that often turns up in books on the Korean War is how bad the country smelled.

    Added to that it is both surprisingly warm and surprisingly cold. The former means a rich variety of creepy crawlies.

    So while I am happy to blame Greenies for everything I don’t blame Communists for, th4y may be innocent. This may just be Korea being Korean. See the stomach parasite they pulled out of the North Korean soldier who defected

  2. Though usually there are two alternative water treatments to Chlorine – Ozone and UV Light. Both should also kill parasites like worms at either the adult, larval, or egg stages if applied correctly. Chlorine is a lot cheaper (and actually works by creating O3 Ozone via ChloroOxy ions anyway)which is why is is the usual choice. UV is fairly new and as I understand it, needs a lot of attention compared to Cl or O3 disinfection.

    Hard to see how it could affect so many places at once easily; maybe a species (or one that evolved this trick recently) that is much more resistant to treatment by standard methods ?

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Good news then. Apparently some Australian scientists have just found a shark species that gets out of the water and walks across land.

    Perhaps to take a piss. Perhaps not if it is Australian.

    But either way the water up DocBud’s way is potentially safer than water elsewhere.

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