Yeah, well, we’ll see Robert

Donald Trump is on the verge of accomplishing what no American president has ever achieved – a truly multi-racial, multi-class, bipartisan political coalition so encompassing it could realign US politics for years to come.

Unfortunately for Trump, that coalition has come into existence to prevent him from having another term in office.

I’ve not got any feel for this. Well, why would I, I’m not from there nor live there. But last time around there was a significant “Oh Dear Lord, not Hills!” vote out there. And I don’t know if that’s true of Biden.

Sure, I’ve got my views and all that but this isn’t what I mean. Rather, I just don’t know what the groundswell is. I#m pretty sure that polls aren’t all that useful at this stage. About the only useful guidance I’ve got is that if Reich says Biden will walk it then that’s a) what the D operatives want us to think and b) wrong.

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  1. Wasn’t a significant part of the ‘oh no, never Hillary’ groundswell due to concerns about her health? If so, they can’t be any happier about Biden!

  2. Yup! It makes sense to vote for the candidate who wants to take away citizens’ guns, from the party that won’t condemn the violence, burning and looting of American cities in support of replacing the police force with social workers, and who hides in his basement while a moderately serious virus from a country that gave his son a $1.5bn deal is used to wreck the economy.

  3. Vote for America or Anarchy.

    Ljh, but they wouldn’t be voting for Biden, he would be retiring quite soon after the elections due to health problems, and his health condition would be a shock and a surprise to everyone in the Democratic party, even for the person who would replace him.

  4. I wonder how long they can go on hiding Biden? He seems unable to read prepared notes or answer simple questions. When are the Dems obliged to name his running mate/the actual candidate? Which harridan is being lined up for the role?
    Even with the America still smoking from the riots the Dems support, I do worry that Trump is going to blow it. Comments like those above can’t help.
    OTOH Reich is both a liar and a fuckwit…

  5. The Democrats are hoping that immigration – both legal and illegal – has provided them with enough new voters to tip the balance against Trump. They’ve also turned much more explicitly into the anti-white, anti-American party.They didn’t quite make it in 2016 but we shall see.

  6. I’ve been watching Conservative Twins videos on Youtube. Black American (not African American because they weren’t born in Africa and have never been to Africa) funny conservative lads.

  7. “Actually, DRUMPH, Americans *like* having their cities burned and looted and losing their jobs or being murdered if they dare to say ‘All Lives Matter’, and that’s why they’re going to vote for the senile rapist ” explained the midget.

  8. Trump is the incumbent, they’re hard to beat.
    The economy was thriving pre Covid which if continued would have made him invincible. Does the electorate blame Covid for the decline, or does it just look at the last paycheck before the election? Nobody knows. Also nobody knows how quickly the economy will recover or where. Trump will already have written off New York,Illinois and California, the most severely affected states, extra votes there won’t help the Dems.
    Whenever there have been riots in the past it has helped he Republican party. I know the Dems are betting that this time it will be different, but will it?
    A model based on primary voting gives Trump a 91% chance. And republicans have been doing well in special elections.
    Trump has an aggregate approval rating stable at 42%, doesn’t sound great but it’s never got lower and it’s above Obama’s worst.
    Coronavirus is fading, and hence Trump will soon get his rallies going properly, and Biden will have less excuse for hiding.
    The Dems are divided amongst themselves, with Bernie supporters actively disliking Biden.
    The Dems have convinced themselves that “Orange Man bad” is a shoo in pitch, which leads to overconfidence.
    We’ll see.

  9. The quote gives us the view from the bubble, the beltway insiders. It is one-dimensional because none of those people can see why anybody might vote for Trump. Or Brexit or tories, of course, the same rules apply.

  10. Anyone voting for Biden is as fucking senile as Biden himself. He was a fucking crook when he was in his right mind. As with UK ZaNu how much solid shite Demorat voters are there?.

    As I said in a prev thread–I think voter fraud is Trumps biggest danger.

  11. I don’t know whether it ever got on the BBC, but Biden is up to his neck in stories of China and corruption. Why aren’t the republicans talking about it now? Because they plan to talk about it a lot later. And as to defend China in any way would now be electoral poison, it’s hard to see what the dems are going to do about that, as well as the riots and knee-taking and such. Can they just keep it off the air and out of the papers?

  12. Jim, you may get quite fed up with the lamentations of their women, if you read or listen to the MSM.

  13. “The Left is unplugged from reality.” They hope to make their own reality. You won’t like it.

  14. True, I wouldn’t like it. But there is double-ought zero chance of it happening.

    Burning Portland isn’t going to win them elections.

  15. ‘… a truly multi-racial, multi-class, bipartisan political coalition…’

    Are these the same people who said it was White, male, Deplorables who won it for Trump, against the conspiracy of the Obama era multi-culties, both Parties and the media against him?

    What has changed then? If that bunch couldn’t do for Trump before, why do they think they can now?

    Have the shenanigans of the wide eyed, foaming at the mouth, patiently dishonest, ‘multi-racial, multi-class, bipartisan political coalition’ over the last three and a half years, plus recent events, hardened Trump’s base or softened it, but more important how has it affected the Malcolms In The Middle, the non-aligned who can tip the scales? Might Trump appear least worst option to them compare. To Creepy, Sleepy Joe?

  16. I hear the gentle voices calling, Old White Joe…

    Their grand coalition is the same as Corbyn’s. Usual suspects banging tambourines. Expect a crushing defeat for the Democrats.

  17. Italian Americans have historically been a solid and influential democrat voting group.

    I am told by several US friends that they are really p1ssed about the desecration of various statues of Columbus and the utter indifference of democrat mayors, governors, congressmen and senators. Trumps stump speech for blue states virtually writes itself and he may have a much more receptive audience.

    I wonder if other parts of the coalition of minorities might also be wavering.

  18. Trump’s personal behavior has aliented a lot of people, but it’s still a bit early. Biden is ahead in the polls by virtue of not being seen or heard from, but sooner or late he’ll have to emerge. There will be debates and you can probably expect him to be his spacey self. He secured the election largely because southern red state Democrats, substantially black, voted for the candidate who wasn’t a “progressive”, but he’s under great pressure to select a fire breathing black woman as his VP candidate such as Kamala Harris. Given how poorly Ms Harris fared in the primaries why anyone thinks she’ll help Biden I don’t know, but there you go.

    What’s a real unknown is how the Libertarians might vote. In 2016 had Trump won all the 4.5M Libertarian votes and had Clinton won all 1M Green Party votes Trump would have won the popular vote by a slim margin. Likely many Libertarian voters in 2016 never thought Trump would win and so just voted as they pleased, but 4.5M is a big number and might some swing to Trump? I don’t know but they are a wild card.

    Realistically, once Biden starts talking combined with demands to blow up Mount Rushmore and haul down all statues of anyone and everyone, likley the polls will tighten again.

  19. “I am told by several US friends that they are really p1ssed about the desecration of various statues of Columbus and the utter indifference of democrat mayors, governors, congressmen and senators. ”


    Did anyone else notice the blonde fat twat go missing during similar escapades on this side of the puddle?

  20. TD–While some Libertarians–so-called -have shown themselves to disguised leftist scum–I can’t see the vast maj thinking that a gun-grabbing commie-loving, little girls hair feeling sack of shite like Joe Whatsmynameagain? is the candidate offering max freedom.

  21. TD,

    “Trump’s personal behavior has aliented a lot of people, but it’s still a bit early. ”

    I don’t think this stuff really makes any difference. It’s an attack that the other side use, but in general I don’t think it’s a priority for people. If it was, Trump would not have won last time. The news media love it because it’s shallow news gossip, but most people care about their job, home, family. Someone is banging interns in the Oval Office, but there’s plenty of money around, who cares?

  22. Maybe not, Mr Ecks. I considered myself a Libertarian for many years. Always annoyed by their isolationist position. Cause you can’t be isolationist in a world of ICBMs. So focus has been on Republicans for a number of years.

    I’m all in for Liberty. As little government as possible. Yeah, pretty much opposite of Lefties.

  23. @Tim, Here you go

    Whenever Joe Biden opens his mouth ‘he puts his foot into it’

    Greater enthusiasm for Trump than Biden reflected in voter registration

    Dems, for weeks, have been promoting: C-19 = No Debates, Biden must isolate for his safety
    C-19 = All votes must be postal

    Then we have Jemele Hill repeating what Biden said
    Jemele Hill: ‘If You Vote for Donald Trump, You Are a Racist’

    Today NYT capitalised “Black” – if you’re black, from anywhere in world you’re all the same and must speak/vote as one

    M L-K must be spinning in his grave

  24. So Much For Subtlety

    Red Bull may or may not have purged their North American management – including the woman in charge of “inclusion” – because they wanted nothing to do with BLM.

    Will this be a good strategy or a losing one? I think it is not going to hurt and will be a good bell weather for Trump.

    We shall see.

  25. “Trump’s personal behavior has aliented a lot of people”

    I’m not convinced. Journalists and other Lefties were already alienated. Focusing on his “personal behavior” is an attempt to sway people. “Orange Man Bad.” It isn’t working.

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