A fascinating little point

The Bank of England has warned that the UK is more exposed to lockdowns due to its higher share of “social consumption” in the economy. Spending on activities involving interaction with other people – such as cinemas, restaurants or live sports – accounts for around 13pc of the UK economy, compared with around 11pc in the US and 10pc in the Eurozone.

We spend substantially more on experiences rather than things than other peeps. Like wot the Greenies tell us we must do. Althoughm for some reason, they never seem to point out that we already do more of what they say we ought to.

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  1. Interesting. Why do I suspect it’s not because Brits do more of them but because they’re damned expensive in the UK

  2. Exactly what BiS says: doing things in the UK is ridiculously expensive compared to the continent. A week at the seaside in France – accommodation, eating out, leisure activities, visiting a tourist attraction – will set you back less than half of what it would cost in the UK. If anything, Brits have less “social consumption” than continentals.

  3. Whatever % its not going to interrupt Blojob’s nice Highland holiday.

    Hope that cunt Krankie has him arrested Why–who cares. A touch of the fate of David Riccio would not be amiss.

  4. Lol at BIS. Don’t fixate on restaurants. Cinemas, for example. Last time I went to Seville, there seemed to be one cinema. The nexus around Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Aldwych, Covent Garden, St Giles Circus and Oxford Circus probably used to generate more GDP than the whole of Spain. All completely fucked

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Of course it could mean the Old Boys’ network is weaker in Britain than elsewhere. The French do not need to go out to lunch to fix most things up. One graduate of an elite Ecole picks up the phone and rings a classmate.

  6. How the heck do the GDP analysts differentiate between a sensuous massage (experience) and a sports massage (health)? After all, the therapist often doesn’t know herself which segment of GDP she is contributing to until she asks the question: “What kind of massage would you like?”
    And this is not an idle thought, as prostitution and its close cousins is a greater proportion of GDP than musicals, and in the USA erotic dancing contributes more than all other forms of dancing combined. Or so I’ve been told, by my mate Larry Flint.

  7. interaction with other people – such as live sports”

    Indeed. Lots of that this week and last week at the two British GPs:- circa 300,000 at each weekend

    BoE gone puritan woke?

    Revealed Preferences: We’re too scared of C-19 to go back to work; We’re happy to go to crowded beaches, fly to Spain…

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