A slightly unkind thought

In their collective resignation, submitted last month, the seven signatorieswrote: “Nobel Women’s Initiative, in our view, requires profound organisational reforms – based on transparency, equity, inclusivity and a commitment to uproot embedded patriarchal practices – in order to fully uphold its values.”

They said the decision to resign followed several attempts to raise their concerns. “Failure to prioritise and address our concerns in a transparent and inclusive manner, and attempts to devalue and diminish our voices, led to our collective resignation. We speak out today to protect future staff and women activists.”

A wimmin’s organisation run by and for wimmins. And all the concerns seem to be about how the organisation is organised, not very much concerning what the organisation does.

It’s not exactly shattering the stereotype that it’s the men who get things done, actually advance society.

10 thoughts on “A slightly unkind thought”

  1. The early Christian churches often had women deacons in that era before priests and bishops had been invented.

  2. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Toxic Masculinity

    The Nobel Women’s Initiative, based in Ottawa, is the third prominent women’s rights organisation to announce reviews of working practices in the past two months. The International Women’s Health Coalition and Women Deliver have launched investigations into allegations of racism, bullying and discrimination in their offices.

    Women treating other women badly.


    Anyone who has watched high school age woman play field hockey would be unsurprised by these developments.

  3. ‘… equity, inclusivity…’

    But not in the universal sense which this means, so not where men are concerned. Fail.

    ‘… a commitment to uproot embedded patriarchal practices..’

    And replace them with embedded matriarchal practices? Somewhat unidimensional thinking there girls.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Some feminists are trying to seize power and assets from some other feminists who built an utterly useless organisation up from the ground.

    It is interesting to see how this round of insanity rewards the narks and snitches

  5. People’s Front of Judea: splitters!

    Any group which is founded by people like this is bound to fall apart; not so much because of their beliefs, as because of their clashing personalities.

  6. I suppose it’s what they do in their inability to comprehend economics. Instead of making he sammidges

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