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And why not?

Australians call for freedom of movement as part of post-Brexit trade deal
Agreement could be stepping stone to ‘Canzuk Union’ between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK

A goodly step toward recreating that freedom of movement within the Empire pre-196wheneveritwas. Also neatly sidestepping the Friedman problem of free movement and a welfare state. If the free movement is between places of roughly equal wealth – and thus roughly equal welfare states – then that problem is solved.

After all, with the EU free movement, no one was worrying about hordes of Dutch, or Germans, arriving.

22 thoughts on “And why not?”

  1. Australians called for this? Really? Would that include in and out of the State of Victoria when someone gets a cough….

  2. So Earls Court (Kangaroo Valley) might see the return of geezers in big hats talking Strine & of liquid laughs, calling home on the great white telephone & chundering whist in pursuit of sheilas who might just lay still whilst they have one. You Poms will be privileged.

  3. I remember an Australian stand-up comedian I saw in a London venue complaining about eastern European migrants “taking our bar jobs”.

    His best joke, though, was about British insularity.

    “I was on the underground the other day and a lady in the carriage was crying. Sobbing her heart out. And everyone was ignoring her. As if she wasn’t there as she cried and sobbed. Well, I couldn’t ignore this. So I went to her and said ‘excuse me, love, could you shut the fuck up'”

  4. Australia and New Zealand have taken woosy risk aversion to previously unimaginable levels. Karens far outweigh Sheilas in Australia. By rights, these pussies should never leave home, and if they have stairs, these should be barricaded.

  5. Reposting this from Canada thread–would have posted it here if I’d scrolled down first.

    Canada/Australia/NZ are rapidly turning into commie shitholes.

    They can screw this CANZUK alliance plan

  6. Except that many of the “new Australians” heading our way for free stuff may turn out to be indistinguishable from the “new Europeans” so gleefully welcomed into the EU by Merkel and her ilk.

  7. This would be a good move. I have relatives in Australia and New Zealand. Four from Canada fought and died in The Great War. So A Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand official trade area would cement historical and family ties.

  8. What would be the net impact on UK migration? I can imagine hordes of Brits emigrating to Can/Aus/NZ; but I find it hard to imagine any of them wanting to come here any more.

    Canadians are a rarity here – not surprising when they can just drive south for opportunities and better weather. I haven’t met any new arrivals from Aus/NZ recently either. Plenty of Saffas though.

  9. Australia doesn’t allow us old Brit gits to just turn up and ponce off their healthcare system, I know, I have family in Oz. Are they going to waive that? Seems unlikely.

  10. In the last Rugby League World Cup there was a team from Lebanon. Surprisingly not run by Hezbollah but consisted entirely of expats living in Australia. They played to packed houses, consisting entirely of the aforementioned.

  11. Doc: Barry Humphries? Rather long ago now though. I got fed up of Dame Edna eventually but Sir Les Patterson could be quite witty. Some of Clive James’s TV work was quite funny too, though I don’t think he would have wanted to be classified as a comedian.

  12. Looks like the locum drama teacher acting as PM is in rouble in Canada.

    Not that you’d know it from UK media sources.

  13. So Much For Subtlety

    The idea of Britain uniting with its colonies in some sort of free trade area/common economic zone/united country is an old one. It has been on the pre-EU agenda for over 100 years. Arthur Conan Doyle even thought that the UK and the US might merge.

    But it never seems to go through.

    It will be less and less possible as the racial nature of the West changes. We will accept White South Africans but not Black South Africans. So I notice that South Africa is excluded.

    Common ties need to be based on common blood. So it won’t happen.

  14. All of the above are based on a vanished past. These countries are even worse leftist shitholes than the UK. Their populations are turned into crawling curs.

  15. Mr ecks – yes but unfortunately so is ours.

    I’d be in favour but only so I could get a remote ranch or farmto retire to if tuscany becomes impossible.

  16. It won’t solve any welfare problem as the Aussies will be happy to take British welfare but won’t give anything to non-Aussies themselves, just like the current situation with NZ.

  17. If you dig into proposals of a Commonwealth Union, you find that what the proponents really means is a Dominion Union. As our host says – countries with broadly similar societies, broadly similarly wealthly economies, broadly similar welfare systems. Freedom of movement with Kenya is highly unlikely.

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