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Apparently this is deep thinking these days

The frontman of Power Trip, who has died aged 34, mixed philosophy, economics and genuine empathy into a searingly potent vision for a better world


Making his enthusiasm for “some kind of socialist/capitalist hybrid” clear to writer Dan Franklin in a Quietus interview in 2017, that year’s Nightmare Logic album laid bare the fears and frustrations of many Americans in the Trump era.

Actual thought would lead to the conclusion that we already live in a socialist/capitalist hybrid. A country that contains Albertsons and Publix supermarket chains is exactly that.

14 thoughts on “Apparently this is deep thinking these days”

  1. Any free market capitalist economy also contains the freedom for people to voluntarily create a socialist organisation/way of living. The John Lewis Partnership exists today.

  2. I do suspect that what they’re really after is the German version of national socialism.

    This certainly worked better than Mao’s system when they introduced it in China, and Russia is now somewhat similar. Indeed all the countries that obtained their independence after WW2 introduced a form of national socialism.

    The only real difference appears to be that whites are now the hated race, not Jews.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    The great thing about socialism is that it makes it clear who the money is going to be taken from – the rich, occasionally rich Jews – but it is not clear who the money is going to. I mean they *say* “the people” but what does that even mean?

    So I think for most people, they think the right sort of socialism is where you take money from people they do not like, like Jacob Rees-Mogg, and it is given to people like them.

    That is why it is so popular among people with a lot of education and self entitlement but low wages. Useful people tend to vote Tory.

  4. @SMFS “it is not clear who the money is going to”

    But, but didn’t all those soviet factory workers own the means of production and so get the full profits of their labours?

  5. Anyway, when (and why) did people start chuntering about “empathy” in circumstances where we would once all have said “sympathy”?

  6. Because sympathy is now a micro-agression.
    It suggests weakness on the part of the person receiving sympathy and superiority of the bestower. Empathy is all-embracing, inclusive and very possibly gay.
    The OED has not kept pace with usage.

  7. “But, but didn’t all those soviet factory workers own the means of production and so get the full profits of their labours?”

    They would have, but there just weren’t any. Unbelievable I know but Turnip Soup Canning Factory No 12 was struggling to find much of an export market…….

  8. PS the irony of this website knows no bounds. Not having posted a comment for hours it tells me I’m posting too fast, I click back and immediately press Post Comment again and it lets me through…….

  9. Dennis, The Gilbert Gottfried of Central Ohio

    What every metal fan wants out of his favorite metal band is philosophy, economics and empathy.

    Say that out loud once and try not to laugh. I dare you.

  10. ‘… “some kind of socialist/capitalist hybrid”…’

    That is Fascism: (a Troïka – Government, Business, Organised Labour aka Crony Capitalism): the means of production owned privately but directed by the State in the interests of the State.

    It is the basic economic model used in the UK & Europe since 1945. 70 years of inbreeding has led to a predominance of the Socialist characteristics.

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