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Bob Cesca’s quite the little fascist, isn’t he?

If Trump is defeated in November, there has to be what former U.S. attorney Glenn Kirschner dubbed a Trump Crimes Commission: a bipartisan panel tasked with investigating the high crimes we know about while uncovering what we don’t, then referring it all to the post-Bill Barr Department of Justice, the IRS and beyond. Everyone from the president himself down to Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, Kellyanne Conway, Mark Meadows, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and the entire regime of post-apocalyptic ghouls who participated in or were aware of malfeasance and unconstitutional conduct inside the White House must be compelled, at the very least, to testify about what happened, when it happened and who was involved. The commission can work backward from the administration’s criminal response to the pandemic to the president’s repeated attempts to cheat in the 2016 and 2020 elections, including with Ukraine, Russia and the Postal Service, and then to the theft of taxpayer funds, the myriad myriad cases of obstruction of justice and so onward.

Political enemies must be jailed. Hmm, most democratic.

17 thoughts on “Bob Cesca’s quite the little fascist, isn’t he?”

  1. Isn’t there some value in this?

    It’s said that most people commit three or so crimes a day. Just because there are so many on the books.

    If you are running a country, chances are you commit more than your fair share of crimes.

    So we should prosecute and jail, for the maximum possible term, all leaders upon leaving office for everything we can dig up on them. Perhaps, if we are feeling nice, we would restrict it to new crimes created while they are in office.

    That would encourage them to create fewer criminal offences.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    I wonder what they’d have done if Trump had proposed a crimes commission to investigate the year on year rise in opiate deaths on Obama’s watch? Last I heard the total was 350k.

  3. ‘If Trump is defeated in November’

    That would be democracy.

    If Trump wins, that would be post-apocalyptic ghoulery.

    You can’t mix Democrats and democracy. Basic physics.

  4. Dennis, Bullshit Detector

    Bob Cesca is a nobody, grifting the suckers with political porn. He’s 49 years old and making a living doing a podcast supported by Patreon. Which is only slightly less pathetic than what Richard Murphy does for a living.

  5. No Commander Jameson, it’s an invite to never give up power lest you get frauded into prison. Civil war beckons.

  6. @ Itellyounothing
    Yes. Takes us back to 49 BC when Caesar was faced with prosecution on trumped-up charges (no-one in Rome could have had any evidence of malfeasance during his Gallic wars but that wouldn’t stop them) or defying the Senate so he brought his legions with him when he returned to Rome.

  7. He’s 49 years old and making a living doing a podcast supported by Patreon. Which is only slightly less pathetic . . .

    What on Earth’s wrong with that? People willingly paying him directly to hear his opinions. Seems like the ideal gig in all ways.

    Maybe an idea there for Tim.

  8. Itellyounothing &john77. I can only agree.

    If losing in the political squabble means the gulag or the gallows, we might as well put Jongo in charge now. He at least seems to be able to manage it without getting the chop from his sister or his uncle. So far at least.

  9. That William Hague piece is quite something. Trump has done nothing much wrong, and quite a few things right, but it is urgent he is defeated because — Orange Man Bad beats any actual reasons.

  10. They could call it the House Un-American Activities Committee perhaps.

    ‘Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of Trump’s Administration?’

  11. And wow, this guy has some serious projection issues.

    “a regime animated by Trump’s brittle ego and his unquenchable desire to install himself as a permanent chief executive not unlike his role model, Vladimir Putin.”

    “unless, that is, Trump decides to declare himself president for life”

    Look mate, I know that if you could do it you would, but his first term isn’t even up yet. It’s a bit early to be worrying about a fascist takeover.

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