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Cliche alert

A pool boy-turned-business partner to Jerry Falwell Jr, one of America’s most influential evangelical leaders, has claimed he had a six-year relationship with his wife.

Giancarlo Granda, 29, met Mr Falwell, 58, and his wife Becki Falwell, 53, in March 2012 when he was working at a hotel in Miami. From that month until 2018, Mr Granda said, he had sex with her as her husband, whom she married in 1987, “enjoyed watching from the corner of the room”.

I mean, seriously now, a pool boy?

15 thoughts on “Cliche alert”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    So he was 23 and she was 47? I have to say it does sound like a cliche but it does not sound like a very plausible cliche.

    Still, if true, it proves women do not like nice well behaved Northern European feminists. They like men from more traditionally sexist assertive cultures.

    Like most modern Christians it would be no surprise if Falwell Junior is a cuck.

  2. Tbf to Mr Falwell, it’s possible the pool boy is lying, but then Falwell has already admitted his wife had an affair and he didn’t go Biblical on her.

    Tomas de Torquemada did nothing wrong.

  3. One would want to take a look at the current state of that business partnership before taking this at face value…

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    It is Battlespace preparation. The Democrats are really worried they will lose so they are prepared to destroy anyone who might encourage others to vote against them. The NRA. The Trump organisation itself. The Babylon Bee….

  5. Ecksy – Eh, both can be true.

    Obvs, Falwell is being targeted for destruction by a media that wouldn’t give nearly the same critical scrutiny to someone who was, say, running for the presidency as a Democrat.

    Otoh, Evangelical multimillionaires in the US of States have a pretty miserable track record on peccadilloes both sexual and financial. Mr Falwell has been behaving strangely, even by the standards of people who holily fondle snakes and roll about the floor speaking Welsh.

    Tbf if Jesus Christ came back tomorrow, most of these guys and the Pope would shit themselves.

  6. Jim Bakker was reportedly found in the fetal position in his lawyer’s office.

    Unconfirmed reports said he was hoping to be born again.

  7. Steve–well lets leave it until after November. If Trump beats the vote fixers then we can chortle. If Senile wins them Falwell’s probs will be small compared to everyone else’s.

  8. The BBC article mentions Trump and the election more than it mentions Falwell which tells you everything you need to know about this case

  9. Ecks,

    “If Trump beats the vote fixers then we can chortle.”

    There was some pretty grim scenes in Washington of crowds trying to bully a small woman into raising a fist for career criminal George Floyd. More of this, and Trump making the right sounds about it and he’ll make it. Repeat after me: “yet again, we’ve seen what democrat controlled cities turn into”.

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