During Stevie’s cocaine years presumably

The Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks, whose platinum solo album The Other Side of the Mirror Hine produced in 1989, said: “It seemed that we had made a spiritual agreement to do a magic album in a fabulous Dutch castle, at the top of the mountain. Whenever Rupert walked in, the room was on fire. There was a connection between us that everyone around us instantly picked up on.”

Holland’s slightly short of castles on mountains…..

23 thoughts on “During Stevie’s cocaine years presumably”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The Hudson Valley in New York? She was in Sri Lanka? The Dutch ruled northern Brazil for a while and held on to Suriname which has a lot of mountains.

    But no, I suspect it is the coke.

    Stevie Nicks is an odd case. I want to feel sympathetic to a woman done wrong by, but every time she opens her mouth I get the impression that she is bat sh!t crazy insane and any man who gets close to her is lucky to escape by the skin of her teeth.

  2. And old mate had Chrissie McVie (Christine Perfect) on keyboard in his band. He reckons she could somewhat detached from reality, at times. But Mac also gave us Pete Green. What more can you say?

  3. Indeed. And I just looked him on Wiki. Amazingly he’s still kicking. Haven’t seen him for a while.
    Stan’s someone I’ve known in two entirely different periods. Firstly in the early Shack days when I was heavily into blues and it was a very small scene, where everybody knew everybody. And then as a geezer I used to drink with in the Steele’s in Belsize Park. Lot of old band people used to drink there. You could go over the road and hear Tony Ashton play piano in the Load of Hay. Knew him for a year before I connected the two Stans. He invited me to a gig he was doing at a pub in Finsbury Park.

  4. The Dutch band The Nits had an album called In The Dutch Mountains back in the day. I must dig it out and listen to it again.

  5. I consider I’d Rather Go Blind to be the greatest song what was ever written, and the Chicken Shack rendition with Christine Perfect to be be the finest version.

  6. Rather Go Blind. Yes! The neighbours are getting the whole of the Shack, this afternoon, Dr Bud. Including some studio out-takes & live sessions recorded by the band. Hope they appreciate the privilege

  7. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Stevie Nicks… Halfway pretty with a vocal range from A to B. If she’d been born with Janis Joplin’s looks she’d have had a career singing in Holiday Inns.

    And as far as being batshit crazy, which member of Fleetwood Mac wasn’t?

  8. Isn’t the peak of the Matterhorn in the Netherlands? Somebody nicked the top couple of feet and took it back.

  9. They’re not all barking. Remember Grace Slick? Great Society & Jefferson. Voice that could cut steel plate. The Acid Queen herself. Now a nice little white haired old lady, paints water colours and has a distinct aura of cats about her. If not the actual cats.

  10. When Stan Webb played the Beverley Picture House, around 2001, I excitedly told MrsBud the news, to which she responded “who?”, but then, she responded in the same fashion when Peter Green and the Splinter Group visited the same venue, although she knew Stevie Nicks and the other members of the lesser Fleetwood Mac.

    Afterwards, she said he was okay, but a few weeks later, when I said I was going to see him in Grimsby, she volunteered to keep me company. Unfortunately, when we got to Grimsby, after driving through torrential rain, the bugger had cancelled, so we had to return downhearted through the aforementioned torrential rain.

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