Little earthquake a couple of days back. West of Gib, SE off into the sea from here. Three of us in the house felt it. None mentioned it at the time to not worry the other two. All three of us have, over the couple of days, mentioned it privately to each of the other two to say “Didja feel that – no worries, it’s only small etc. Didn’t mention it not to worry the other”


7 thoughts on “Earthquakes”

  1. There was a small earthquake in the South of Scotland a few decades ago. From it emerged a more natural measure of severity than the whatchamacallit scale. “My budgie fell off its perch.”

  2. Saki had a along the lines of the way to judge a house party was whether you could tell that dodgy story openly to them all over dinner, or had to tell it to each person separately.

  3. I’ve felt (small) earthquakes in a few places in the world – Lancashire, Tuscany, San Diego. I don’t remember having inhibitions about discussing it with others nearby. I would have thought talking about it would make sure everyone was on the same page in case the little one was a foreshock for something bigger.

  4. TG
    It depends on how neurotically risk-averse the female members of the household are.
    And, to grind my axe, I believe that the pandemic panic has a lot to do with the feminisation of society increasing general risk-aversion.

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