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Winston Churchill blamed the Bengal famine of 1943, that he helped to cause through the mass export of India’s rice, on the Indians “breeding like rabbits”.

I’ve heard many explanations of the Bengal famine but the export of rice? That’s a new one.
Sure, there was export of rice from “India” but not in the sort of quantity that would make a difference. And “India” is a big place…..

19 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. amusing to see that even Monbiot is able to correctly say that Ehrlich was wrong about his predictions on famines. I wonder if he is as able to spot the same idiocy from the same source when we talk about the world running out of “resources”.

  2. 1943?
    Wasn’t there some local unpleasantness to the east round about then? Rather disrupt the local trading arrangements, I’d have expected. Don’t see Imperial Japan being blamed….
    And about the same time there was a bit of a fuss to the west, Rommel and all that, and also too the north, Allied occupation of Persia to transport war goods to the USSR without Nazi-rabble rousing obstruction…

    How strange that comment on a 1943 local trouble misses all of these things.

  3. Bengal depended upon Burma for the supply of rice; Japan invaded Burma in 1942, stopped the supply of rice to Bengal.
    Monbiot doesn’t let facts get in the way of his propaganda

  4. Sounds like they are trying to equate this with Stalin’s shenanigans in the Ukraine which led to the homolodor.

    Suppose blaming blighty for the hindu/muslim group hug in Kashmir must be running out of steam.

  5. @Mark

    “Sounds like they are trying to equate this with Stalin’s shenanigans in the Ukraine”

    Unlikely. As Stalin’s actions would be excused as being different because reasons.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Britain had also introduced a limited measure of self-government. That meant that local states had elected Assemblies.

    Which promptly banned the export of food to Bengal.

  7. ‘When a major study was published last month’

    ‘Major’ means it supports their agenda.

    Another marker of junk science studies is the number of authors.

    ‘Burden of Disease Study

    Prof Stein Emil Vollset, DrPH
    Emily Goren, PhD
    Chun-Wei Yuan, PhD
    Jackie Cao, MS
    Amanda E Smith, MPA
    Thomas Hsiao, BS
    Catherine Bisignano, MPH
    Gulrez S Azhar, PhD
    Emma Castro, MS
    Julian Chalek, BS
    Andrew J Dolgert, PhD
    Tahvi Frank, MPH
    Kai Fukutaki, BA
    Prof Simon I Hay, FMedSci
    Prof Rafael Lozano, MD
    Prof Ali H Mokdad, PhD
    Vishnu Nandakumar, MS
    Maxwell Pierce, BS
    Martin Pletcher, BS
    Toshana Robalik, BSc
    Krista M Steuben, MS
    Han Yong Wunrow, BSc
    Bianca S Zlavog, BS
    Prof Christopher J L Murray, DPhil’

    Way too many authors. Smells of junk.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Edward Lud August 26, 2020 at 10:30 am – “Anyone for Mountbatten, Attlee and the human cost of partition?”

    Sure. After the British government refused to back the soldiers responsible for the Amritsar massacre, the Army refused to use force in the face of rioters. That meant that with partition, instead of shooting looters and gang rapists, they stood aside. Millions died. Because of Gandhi and his objections.

    A lesson for us looking at the BLM.

  9. One may note that the Congress party staged its Quit India revolt in 1942 which did not exactly encourage food production and trade.

  10. The Bengal government at the time was controlled by Moslem parties; the account I read said it proved hopelessly incompetent at dealing with the problem. The writer opined that perhaps the Governor of the province should have overruled them but that he was badly ill at the time and failed to do so. Of course had he done so the Guardian and the like would now accuse him of racism, fascism, and whatnot.

  11. Prosecuting the past is one of the Left’s favorite sports.

    ‘Population panic lets rich people off the hook for the climate crisis they are fuelling’

    Whah! Hey, Moonbat, your envy is showing.

  12. Dennis, This Week's Watford Manager

    Bengal depended upon Burma for the supply of rice; Japan invaded Burma in 1942, stopped the supply of rice to Bengal.

    Forget it, Jake. It’s George Monbiot.

  13. The formula for calculating people’s environmental footprint is simple, but widely misunderstood: Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology (I = PAT).

    How do you apply numbers to that? I’m quite willing to believe that renewable energy technology has an adverse effect on the environment but does Monbiot?

    Whenever I see quasi-mathematical formulae applied to a non mathematical matter I suspect there’s a rich seam of bollocks being mined.

  14. BiS: Equations have to be dimensionally consistent, so yes, how do you apply numbers to that? The people who write this stuff definitely flunked math(s) at school!

  15. It is obviously flawed. X Affluence is bogus. The more prosperous people are, the LESS pollution they produce. Soviet Russia was a gawd awful polluter. U.S. has gone to great lengths – and expense – to control pollution. Because they could.

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