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Fairly brutal triage here

Care homes were asked by NHS managers and GPs to place blanket ‘Do not resuscitate’ (DNR) orders on all their residents at the height of the coronavirus pandemic to keep hospital beds free, a new report has found….

Quite possibly moving over the edge from brutal triage to we must die to preserve the NHS.

19 thoughts on “Fairly brutal triage here”

  1. Allowing for the fact that I will never pay to read the garbage which I assume lurks behind their paywall this, for once, looks like a decent bit of journalism.

    It has zero chance of being covered by the bbc as the murderous doctrine, effectively kick-starting the Liverpool care pathway, was imposed by the envy of the world.

  2. MURDER=NHS is a good headline.

    How many more will die listening to fucking muzak while waiting for an A&E appointment?

  3. The idea that you should schedule an Accident and Emergency appointment could only be brought to us by the geniuses behind no hard shoulder on the motorway…

  4. Julia

    An organisation that already books GP appointments on the basis that we possess the foresight of being ill several weeks hence will have no problem with that.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    But Death Panels are a myth! Again, if you pay, you are a customer and are King. If other people pay for you, you are cattle and it looks like they are happy to let you die.

    People should be charged with murder

  6. Straight up death panels.

    And how inflated by this are the COVID-19 death figures recorded in “care homes”? How many of those died simply because they received no care?

    Nearly everything that was supposedly bad about coronavirus turns out to really be the government response to coronavirus.

  7. Life in care homes in the time of Covid is horrid. Death may be the best way out.

    Might be lots of hand-written Do Not Resuscitate signs.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Life in care homes in the time of Covid is horrid. Death may be the best way out.

    That may be so. But I think that the patient and their family ought to make that decision. Not the Man from the Ministry.

  9. There seems to be a divergence of incentives here. Care Homes have a financial incentive to keep their residents alive.

  10. Doesn’t even make the UK News page of the BBC website.
    ‘It’s a scary time for stand-up comedians’ however does.

  11. My wife is a priest and has buried a few corona victims. Recently she buried a woman from a local care home who had made it into her nineties. She had recovered from an early corona bout, and died from something else. I suppose she could have been weakened by the corona, but still.

  12. My wife during her recent stay overheard a nurse telling a patient that DNR notices now are the exclusive domain of Doctors. Patient’s or relative’s wishes were not being followed in that respect.

  13. “But I think that the patient and their family ought to make that decision.”

    Families are cut off. That’s one of the problems.

    “Not the Man from the Ministry.”


  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Families are cut off. That’s one of the problems.”

    Only from being next to the patient, telephones still work or they could meet in reception.

  15. Telephones can work if the elderly can hear.

    Visitation is banned in many areas. Absolutely not in reception.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset


    I meant the families could speak to the doctor via telephone or meet him in reception.

  17. The care home debacle is imo why the curve peaked not flattened: brought forward their deaths

    More brutal in SNPland

    MSM have ignored it, but in SNPland patients who tested Positive were discharged into care homes by NHS

    Scottish Hospitals sent patients into care homes after they had tested positive for Covid-19
    “Dozens of patients who had tested positive for Covid-19 were transferred from hospitals into care homes in the critical weeks around lockdown, we can reveal today.

    The transfers, sanctioned as the NHS cleared beds for an expected onslaught of patients, were compared to “putting a match to tinder” yesterday after the virus swept through Scots care homes claiming the lives of at least 1,950 residents.
    The revelations come after mounting concern about the Scottish Government’s decision to allow hundreds of untested patients to be moved into homes, but, according to figures obtained by The Post, the transfers included many who had been confirmed as having Covid…”
    A leaked letter from Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has revealed the pressure put on hospitals to send elderly patients into care homes in the weeks before and after lockdown

    Sturgeon: ” No’ ma fau. Them Inglan Tories did’nae gi us enuff muny ”

    btw Sturgeon on Friday: “Civil servants will not return to work until March 2021 at earliest” – 1 year holiday on full pay for all. Do we need them?

    @David H Bolton
    Sadly does not surprise me. NHS staff are loving the ‘new normal’ of no patients, as are GPs

    Doctors don’t want to see patients, let alone families

  18. Wait, in the United Kingdom a doctor can unilaterally impose a DNR upon patient? … In the ‘States, a patient (or, if the patient is not in a position to make a decision, the patients named health Care proxy) must request a DNR, a physician cannot impose it.

    Yet another reason for the United States not to proceed down the path towards a Canadian or United Kingdom style healthcare delivery system.

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