Feeding street children in Bangladesh

As most of you will know I write a column in a Bangladeshi newspaper. The fee for which gets spent upon this:

‘Ek Takay Ahar’, which refers to ‘food for a single penny’. Under this program hundreds of street dwelling children get their fundamental need of regular meals in exchange of one taka.

Of course, my column is paid at Bangladeshi rates so it’s not the sole support, nor even main or significant, of the program. I also have nothing at all to do with it other than scribbling the words for the newspaper.

I didn’t even direct the fee to it. When I got the column I knew one working bloke in the country – well, only the one who didn’t actually work for the newspaper. Not much point with me fighting the FX bureaucracy to try to get £80 a month out of the country. So, give it to this bloke, why not?

And this is what he spends it upon. He and his mates are the organisers, it’s grown from their providing a few Ramadan lunches for children each year.

Burke was right about those little platoons you know.

15 thoughts on “Feeding street children in Bangladesh”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Does the tax man take a bite of it? I wonder whether Ritchie would approve. I mean, are you reporting his taxation rules?

  2. Yet another example of private individuals being able to respond to needs better than the state.

    Had a socialist, rather than a Samaritan, come across the robbed, beaten up and abandoned traveller, the Socialist would have decried how capitalism forced people to rob each other, criticised the lack of emergency services, wailed against the inequalities and justice in the institutionally racist government and promised to write a scathing post on the Guardian webpage and demanded that “something must be done”. Then he would have walked off.

  3. Tim – I’ve made a small donation and given you credit in the comments box for bringing my attention to this.

  4. Tim – “don’t credit me with anything.”

    Is that “don’t credit me with anything” as in “no need to”

    or “don’t credit me with anything, something terrible could happen if you do.”

  5. @Jussi, I went to their website, via the Facebook page. You have lots of options suggested (you can donate 1/7 of a cow) or choose your own amount.

  6. “Tim Worstall

    I’m not shy about claiming credit for things I should be credited with after all…..”

    Candidly (and fourthly), Tim, you’re an amatuer at claiming credit if you stick to only things you should be credited for.

  7. “What makes you think they’re not there already?”

    Only that nothing odd shows up on my statement each month. One would assume that if someone had illegally obtained your card details they’d be using them. If the fraudsters have invented a way to use my card without those purchases ending up on my bill then good on them I say!

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