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Trump allies and family members also used misleading claims to portray the president as the best hope for America’s future

You mean people don’t tell the truth in elections? Doesn’t that just bugger democracy as a method of running society and the economy then?

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  1. Democrats now saying the way to stop the riots is to vote for them. BLM and Antifa peaceful demonstrators now forcing regular people to make that stupid nazi fist salute. I found youtube channels Andrew Klavan and Lasse Burholt. This is properly depressing and alarming stuff. Perhaps I’d like our politicians to acknowledge this is happening, albeit in the US but coming soon to a place near you. I’ve never really been worried before about the world changing drastically very quickly.

  2. I sense the US media plus of course their willing catamites, the bbc & guardian, are getting a bit nervous.

    Who would have though that 3 months of rioting, looting and general lawlessness wasn’t an election winning strategy? Better keep calling it all a myth.

  3. I wonder if the Democrats will re-run their strategy (also used by Labour) of saying to people “you are dumb and stupid and racist and selfish and fascist. Will you vote for us?”.

  4. Jussi: “I’ve never really been worried before about the world changing drastically very quickly.”

    Judging by some of the videos from Kenosha I watched this morning, the world is certainly changing drastically and quickly for BML and Antifa thugs who don’t bring a gun to what quickly turns into a gunfight. Middle America has had enough.

  5. JuliaM, I see those minor pushbacks too but think they don’t make that much difference, at the moment.

    J H-B at Talkradio demonstrating her TDS. Talkradio has upped its game though, worth listening to from 10am to 10pm.

  6. Julia is correct Jussi. Looking at the fucking video makes me want to kill the bastards–tho’ I already did–but their antics give an added edge.

    Those vids are worth millions of votes to Trump. Do you actually believe that even the mask wearing dumbest are going to kiss marxism’s arse because of bullshit threats from teen punks–and only in Demorat run shitholes?

  7. I don’t understand why they won’t declare antifa and blm terrorist organisations and start using live ammo. Even in towns in Texas were the pushback is greater people are very restrained – they only walk the rioting terrorists out of the town with minimum force while the police protect the rioters while – luckily – siding with the townsfolk.

    I guess I am a bit more pessimistic than you, I don’t really believe that people see what is happening, especially the MSM not reporting fully. Everything is twisted to suit the agenda (conspiracy theories are right wingers’ domain) or simply not reported.

  8. “Trump IS the best hope available now for US and world.” That’s a measure of just how bad things look.

  9. Social Justice Steve

    In speech after speech, a collection of Trump’s family members, allies, rightwing campaigners and swing-state farmers portrayed the president as the best hope for America’s future.

    FACT CHECK: ACKSHUALLY, Blumf, the best hope for America’s future lies in electing a senile rapist and a woman whose entire political career rests atop Willie Brown’s brown willie.

  10. If we look past Trump’s rather unappealing personality we must acknowledge that he has achieved more in one term than Obama did in two. Middle East peace is closer, without going to war. Kim Dung Un has been beaten over the head with a carrot, he has the EPA’s balls in his pocket, growth before Covid was outstanding, he has restrained The Scientific Consensus as far as he is able, in defence of liberty, black employment was rising sharply before China, etc, etc.
    If Covid had never happened, if he could restrain his populist and confrontational politics, and run on his record alone, he’d walk it.

  11. (conspiracy theories are right wingers’ domain)


    Intersectional sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia

    All just conspiracy theories…..

  12. @JuliaM:

    “… Middle America has had enough.”

    I think it’s white America that’s had enough. Black Americans should be happy to accept the handful of unarmed black men killed by US police every year because if they successfully de-fund police, white people are going to have to protect themselves from black violence which will lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of dead black men every year.

  13. @ Jonathan
    Most black deaths are at the hands/guns of other blacks, but that does not justify the culpable homicide of George Floyd. Police brutality and riots are *both* wrong.
    Secondly, middle America is almost entirely a subset of white America with the black part of middle America less significant than the rich part of white America that lives in safe rural and/or gated areas well away from the riots.

  14. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    I wonder if the Democrats will re-run their strategy (also used by Labour) of saying to people “you are dumb and stupid and racist and selfish and fascist. Will you vote for us?”.

    They already are, and have been since Trump was elected.

  15. Dennis, On The Front Lines Fightin' Them Chlorinated Chickens

    I don’t understand why they won’t declare antifa and blm terrorist organisations and start using live ammo.

    Two reasons:
    (1) Trump the President genuinely believes in Federalism.
    (2) Trump the Politician genuinely understands that you don’t get in the way of your opponent’s self-destruction.

    He has offered federal law enforcement assistance to Seattle, Portland, Chicago, NYC, Minneapolis and their respective states, leaving the decision as to whether to utilize to the mayors and governors. That’s Federalism.

    He has stepped back and let DeBlasio, Cuomo, Wheeler, etc. manage their cities and states as they see fit. That’s letting your opponent self-destruct.

  16. John77: toxicology report now out. He died of a fentanyl overdose. The extended video footage also recently released shows him behind the wheel of his car after being stopped saying he couldn’t breathe. The cops initially were reassuring saying they’d open all the windows in the police car for him. Things only got nasty when Floyd freaked out. This doesn’t excuse the restraining cop who knew him personally from moonlighting as a nightclub bouncer and disliked him. The trial will be interesting. Was he a dealer carrying a stash of fentanyl which he downed?

  17. @John77:

    “…but that does not justify the culpable homicide of George Floyd. ”

    I suggest you watch the video of him fighting the Police for 10 minutes before they managed to get him on the ground.
    Oh, and Georgie boy most likely died of an overdose of Fentanyl:

    ” Police brutality and riots are *both* wrong.”

    ‘Police brutality’ as you call it is largely a response to black men violently resisting arrest. The huge amount of violence that white Americans suffer every year at the hands of black Americans – 3 murders, 1500 violent assaults, 100 rapes every single day – justifies white people getting angry; if the Police aren’t there any more to at least give the pretence to white people that the system works, we’re going to see more dead black men.

  18. Dennis, Who Is As White As White Can Be

    I think it’s white America that’s had enough.

    Actually, black America has had enough as well. Trump is polling a solid 35% of black voters. No Republican has ever come close to that. And the interesting part of it is that is polling with blacks is presently trending up. This isn’t about black vs. white, it’s about Marxists controlled by the very rich and parts of corporate America trying to mobilize the very poor against the middle class.

    Marxists want to turn the USA into a satellite of China, which is fine with corporate America because what they want to access to China’s market. It is no accident that the MSM is anti-Trump. Every MSM company is owned by a corporation that makes its money selling entertainment. China has more potential consumers than any country on the planet. Ergo, MSM is China friendly because their owners demand it. Do you really think the Mark Zuckerbergs and Tim Cooks of the world really care whether democracy lives or dies? No more than George Soros… They all believe they can buy their way out of any trouble that might come their way. Their orientation is towards making money; whether it is make under democracy or totalitarianism doesn’t really matter.

    Do some googling for stories on how the black leadership in Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago and New York are reacting to the BLM/Antifa/Progressive demands for police defunding, as well as the rising crime rates in their cities. They do not support this and they are not thrilled about it.

    BLM is Antifa’s version of the plantation’s House Negros. They are Marxists who are attempting to stir up racial animus. They are only doing this because it is obvious (and under-reported by the MSM) that large numbers of minority voters are abandoning the Democrat Party. If Trump was polling 8-9% of blacks and Latinos (which is Bush-Romney territory), none of this would be going on.

    Think of it in terms of the Labour North moving to the Tories. And just like Labour, the Democrats have no idea of how to stem the tide. In fact, just like Labour, they don’t understand why the tide exists in the first place.

  19. One good reason to declare antifa and BLM terrorist organisations is that the feds can then go after the people and foundations that finance them. Donating money to terrorists can lead to bank accounts being frozen and even confiscated and due process tends to be limited under the various anti-terror laws put in place after 9/11.

    OSF and the like have been getting away with promoting chaos and confusion and sowing disorder in western societies for too long. Personally I would have declared XR a terrorist organisation and gone after their financiers but there are too many fellow travellers in the Establishment who believe that destroying out power supplies will make us all rich while saving the planet.

    I do feel that things are coming to a head and that pretty soon things will break one way or the other but I’m not sure which way it will go and I am a bit ambivalent about the scope of the anti-terror laws. But if we’re going to have them, at least use them on the bastards who are doing the most to bring down the West.

  20. Dennis, Wrath of God

    Well, well, well… CNN House Negro Don Lemon and Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo are calling for an end of the protesting. Because someone got shot to death? Hell, no. As Lemon said it, “… because it’s showing up in the polling!”

    On a completely related note, Trump’s approval rating hit 52% today. The highest ever recorded, I believe. Prior to the DNC convention, he was at 47%.

    It’s gonna be a landslide, kids. We’re talking 1972 all over again.

  21. Bloke in North Dorset

    The first comment on the link from Ljh when I clicked through was a picture of Biden in the ‘70s saying “I know what’s best for the Negro”. I suspect that thee’s more quotes like that lying around.

    ref Dennis’s claims about black swing to Trump:

    Trump got the first steps legislation through, it was bipartisan and Obama didn’t try.

    Trump restored education grants fro colleges that offered summer part time courses, something blacks prefer, as opposed to the other 2 terms that always got them, which whites prefer. Obama walked asked to do it by the black caucus every year and refused. trumpet did it in his 2nd year.

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