Horrors, I feel all dirty now

How a hotel hero saved my family holiday
Zoe Williams

The staff at Quinta dos Poetas Nature hotel

Eeek! To think that I was within 50 km of Zoe Williams. How people in London deal with this most of the year I don’t know….

8 thoughts on “Horrors, I feel all dirty now”

  1. Quinta dos Poetas Nature hotel.
    That’s not one of those places where they wander around naked is it?
    Now there’s an image for you…

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Does the Guardian have rules about providing coverage for people who give you stuff?

    I hope she off set her carbon

  3. “It doesn’t matter how or why, because I would never invade my children’s privacy like that, but a week ago a tiny piece of rag, full of holes and no longer blue, was left, let’s say by me (it wasn’t me), in a hotel. It used to be a blanket. It is still known to us domestically as Blanket. It smells of off milk in that way that everything too fragile to wash eventually does. It has been with us for nearly 13 years. Nobody knows for how much longer it will be needed, but please don’t triangulate this information to get any clues as to the age of the child who cares for it so deeply.”

    I’m confused by this. Is the kid 13 and still has a security blanket?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Only one security blanket, what kind of parent is she? We had at least 3 at the peak, having had one close scare we weren’t taking chances when we travelled.

  5. Security blanket, pshaw.

    I think that if I were Zoe’s child, I’d demand a full-time psychiatrist.

  6. @ BoM4
    No, the younger child has a security blanket which was handed down by the elder child who is, presumably, 13.
    It is clear that Zoe’s Williams children suffer from serious psychological problems: I wonder why?
    {For pendants: yes, that was a rhetorical question]

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