How revealing

which has a stable tax system and so enjoys the rule of law,

It’s the “so” which reveals.

Sure, so raising the corporation tax rate to 24% would not be a stable tax system so if Rishi does that, urged on by Snippa, then we lose the rule of law – which is fun. But apparently the claim is deeper than that. Only if tax is stable do we have the rule of law. Eh?

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  1. Has he been in a stable?
    This is horseshit, which could be used better to grow potatoes, but it’s too late for Richie.

  2. Strange Ritchie not supporting Sunak’s socialist tax & spend policies

    Treasury officials push for £20 Billion bombshell tax hikes to pay for virus
    Historic tax grab will see Treasury push for a raid on businesses, capital gains, pensions, internet sales, fuel and inheritance

    “Covid” has not destroyed the economy Lockdown has
    Businesses going bankrupt, staff unemployed and Sunak says “Let’s tax businesses more”
    Cancel HS2 that will save at present £106 Billion, Foreign Aid another £15 Billion, Gift-Aid another £7 Billion

    Richard Tice: Tax hikes to deal with Covid cost will “stifle growth rather than enhance it.”

    imo Tice wrong on online sales tax and rates cuts “to preserve High Street” – he’s advocating museums, not High Streets
    Sure, more retail will close as peeps buy online, but the slow death has been going on for decades and retail replaced with service: coffee, nails, hair, beauty, spas, pet grooming etc. Change has always happened because of where peeps spend their money – don’t fiddle taxes to stop it, accept it

    Peter Hitchens: There’s a great contempt for freedom and economics

    What policy is actually conservative about this government? House arrest for no crime? Freedom of assembly & speech banned? Mass legal and illegal migration? Weakness in dealing with disorder? Weakness in dealing with far left BBC? Weakness in dealing with far left teaching unions? Weakness in dealing with activist judiciary blocking deportations? Now tax hikes …

    Socialist Wokeness is the pandemic

  3. Let’s talk oil and gas taxation as it’s an area I know well. The UK tax system has been altered to varying degrees in pretty much every single Budget since the late Sixties, up to and including Benn’s imposition of a marginal rate of more than 100% at one point. By contrast, Norway’s tax system has been pretty much the same over the same period, with more recent changes to encourage exploration mainly.Is the UK a lawless hellhole compared to Norway?

  4. talking about Markus Rashford’s campaign to end food poverty, Spud says…..

    “What it makes clear is that some face hunger as a result of increasing poverty”

    While the NHS says:

    “20% of year 6 pupils classified as obese”

    Sounds like a bit of hunger would do them good.

  5. @Andrew C

    Markus Rashford’s campaign to end food poverty

    BBC disagree
    “…Today brought me another example of the BBC pushing propaganda disguised as discussion in the form of a Radio Five piece decrying the low price of food. The BBC was giving free reign to left wing / Green extremist activists to call for higher food prices as a means of ‘protecting the environment’

    I don’t know about you but I see lower food prices as an advantage not a disadvantage. The only people who could possibly think that higher food prices are a good thing are those whose income is secure and significant and can afford to pay high prices for food…”

    Are BBC going to demand Food Banks be closed and stop whining about alleged ‘food poverty’?

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