How unobservant is India Knight?

Quite a lot actually:

The McDonald’s policy forbids “any kind of intimate relationship between employees in a direct or indirect reporting relationship”. But why?

Because that’s how sexual mores work in the United States.

They’ve moved from the secretary being hired so she can be shagged (alleged for JFK, confirmed for at least one Congressman) to the idea that sex is about power, or can be. Therefore no one can truly give consent to someone who has power over them – the secretary hired so that the boss could shag her. Or, the secretary who gets unhired because she won’t shag the boss.

Whether it should be this way is another matter but this is the way it is. Boeing fired their CEO for stepping across this line. No shagging someone when you have power over their continued employment.

Easterbrook’s – alleged – mistake was not the shagging. It was breaching one of the well known conditions of his employment.

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  1. “Alleged for JFK”?

    I think the well named Fiddle and Faddle, who ensured that their smiling boss was never more than 10 minutes away from an orgasm, would back that up.

  2. I like to smirk when people complain about this sort of thing with the words “you fucking built it”. All political ideas look like a Le Corbusier sketch of a gleaming tower block, and few people consider the piss-stinking corridors and broken lifts that might be the reality.

    “be a career women” and “don’t hit on your co-workers if you want to keep your job” isn’t a great combo.

  3. In previous existences, I’ve had to explain to more than one US HR “professional” that sacking people from their UK subsidiaries for a bit of consensual nooky is likely to be a legally “high risk” activity. Then explain to them that, yes, the UK employees had employment contracts, which the employer couldn’t unilaterally revoke because they wanted to beat the Puritan drum.

    The concept that USA “at will” employment law isn’t applicable world-wide seems beyond them. God only knows what happens in their French subsidiaries.

  4. With the Woke destruction of the old chaproned matchmaking processes through churches, interfering aunts and other social structures, hooking up at university being rape, where the hell do people think they are going to find partners if hooking up through work is also banned?

  5. When I first started in business sometime in the Middla Ages I asked my old dad, who was quite successful, if he had any advice… He gave me two bits of very good advice – (1) manage your cashflow very carefully, and (2) “Don’t poke the payroll.!!”. 🙂

    Still true today, maybe even more so.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    What do you think the chances are I can find an article by Ms Knight in which she decries the failure to fire some man or other for banging the staff?

  7. If he was in charge, why didn’t he just change the policy if he wanted to shag the people who worked for him?

  8. Knight is generally the most judgemental of people – she especially seems to loathe ‘chavs’, ‘gammons’ and Brexiteers, who are apparently responsible for the imminent downfall of civilisation. Yet somehow, like Meghan Markle, she identifies as one of the wretched of the earth. As the Iranian writer Leyla Sanai puts it: ‘Every second article she writes, she mentions that she is brown to make us admire her for her stoical attitude to her societal “oppression”. Never mind that she is wealthy and had the privilege of an Oxbridge education.’

    Julie Burchill

  9. A couple of points:

    1. It has been reported that Easterbrook was responsible for approving the share bonus payment for at least one of his conquests. So it’s a little bit more than “Maccy Ds has no business poking its nose into who shags whom”… they probably do have a right to know about this relationship in those circumstances.

    2. Easterbrook is an ICAEW member. Watch them completely ignore this clear breach of their code of ethics.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    jgh August 16, 2020 at 10:54 am – “With the Woke destruction of the old chaproned matchmaking processes through churches, interfering aunts and other social structures, hooking up at university being rape, where the hell do people think they are going to find partners if hooking up through work is also banned?”


    Banging the staff is like chucking in cricket – you need tough laws against it because it is so easy to do. You don’t need many laws against shagging sheep because no one, outside Wales, wants to do it.

    We are not supposed to say so but women like men with power over them. Their natural response is to be nice and suck up to said men. Work is where women get to see us competent and successful. Naturally they want to sleep with them, well, some of them.

    We can have all the laws we like. Human nature will win in the end.

  11. “Don’t get your meat where you get your bread.”

    Told to me in 1972 when I started working as a supervisor for megacorp.

    American business rules are largely reactionary. It is likely that McDonalds’ policy was established as the result of a problem.

    No one remembers the anecdotes leading to many, many policies. But it is a Chesterton’s Fence dilemma.

    Many years ago, I was told that the reason why Japanese cars could be made so much more cheaply than American cars was that American car company engineering standards were many volumes thick, while Japanese standards were one book. Thin ones, at that.

  12. jgh, the church and the maiden aunts got kicked out of matchmaking long before wokery.

    Wokery is surely an attempt at reviving the concept of the interfering maiden aunt? Along with mandatory dating of those who merely self-identify as the gender you wish to pursue.

  13. SMFS,


    Tinder is a great place if you’re a good looking guy, because women select on it based on looks, so the best lookers get the women and swipe past the other guys. And the women on it are generally the types looking for alphas rather than a well-matched soul mate. It’s mostly a disaster.

    My advice to young men is dance clubs. Go and do Ceroc or ballroom. For starters: numbers game. You’re in a place that’s 60% women. And you dance with them, which is sexual, and gives you something to talk about. Then, if you get into competitions, you meet people from other clubs, widening your possibilities.

    Wine tastings are good too. 50%+ women, alcohol, and you can talk about what they’ve had and what’s good, and get into a conversation.

  14. Gamecock: also, “don’t get your honey where you make your money”.

    The invidious thing about the Merkin implementation of the “no porking in the reporting chain” is that if one does the “right” thing and notify HR that you are in a relationship with someone else up or down your reporting chain, it’s generally the *worker bee* rather than the boss who’s obliged to either move jobs or get cut loose. So the boss has no real disincentive to have a sequence of affairs with their subordinates – other than being flagged as a rather disgusting human being, of course.

  15. Given her other half is the MP prosecuted for child porn who also advocated for trans bathroom rights (paedo supports men going into women’s toilets) I’m sure her views on sex are on the more liberal side. The Julie Burchill article on spiked about her and lack of media coverage of the child porn case is well worth a read

  16. “Don’t dip your pen in the company inkwell” was advice. Then, women took charge of the personnel office, renamed it HR, built empires, issued mountains of impenetrable rules and regulations, paired up with sleazy lawyers and joined an alliance with government hacks for muscle. Now, the former advice is more a warning of corporate suicide.

  17. Way back in 1986 I had a 1 year work placement on degree at Life Association of Scotland. Staff manual forbade staff relationships inc marriage

    Strange was head of IT was married to head of HR

    Post grad, first job: Dept head, married & 2 children didn’t hide he was shagging (weekly three hour lunches) & promoting attractive sexy clothes thicko – lots of suppressed resentment among others

    One thing that really annoyed others was photo of him, wife & 2 children on desk angled so all could see

  18. Where I used to work there was a story that a senior guy was caught porking one of the secretaries in the office. He left and she didn’t. The amusing part is that he was HR…

  19. Hopper said:
    “it’s generally the *worker bee* rather than the boss who’s obliged to either move jobs or get cut loose. So the boss has no real disincentive”

    An actual incentive if the underling is useless; win-win.

  20. Ummmm: I hadn’t realised Joyce only got a suspended sentence. A bit of TLC from the hard guys in Belmarsh would have done wonders for his ‘rehabilitation’.

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