I don’t think so, not really

The thousand tonnes of TNT used by the bomber not only demolished our workplace

A thousand tonnes of TNT would take up 25 trucks.

The blast was caused by a suicide bomber driving a truck bomb. The vehicle has been identified as a large 2002 flatbed Kamaz (manufactured in Eastern Europe and part of the former Iraqi establishment’s fleet).[7] Investigators in Iraq suspected the bomb was made from old munitions, including a single 500-pound aerial bomb, from Iraq’s pre-war arsenal.

TNT equivalent, maybe.

Pendantry perhaps, but when the UN gets this sorta stuff wrong then we’ve difficulties with the UN’s ability to do stuff, right?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Members of the former Iraqi government, using Soviet aid, killed her boy friend. Why do I suspect she thinks it is all my fault?

    She is wrong about one thing. Kamaz builds very good trucks – thanks to the Italians for betraying us in the Cold War – but they do not do so in Eastern Europe. Their factory is on the Kama river in Tartarstan.

  2. TNT equivalent, maybe

    A kiloton yield? Unlikely. For immediately accessible reference, that’s toward the top end of estimates for the recent Beirut explosion; it’s close to the maximum NEQ if all the ammoniums nitrate were mixed with fuel oil in the optimum ratio. The actual yield is more likely to have been in the few hundred ton equivalent. And the photo on the Graun article shows nowhere near the same sort of damage.

  3. The reason East Timor exists is because Indonesia chose to give up its claims and dump the place.

    Though I’ll admit that Johnny Howard insisted on dragging Oz into the mess. I think the reason was that the Indos killed some Aussie journos at Balibo, and the Oz media had it in for Indonesia forever after.

  4. TNT equivalent, maybe

    500-pound aerial bomb + other bodges on a truck will never be anywhere near equivalent to “A thousand tonnes of TNT”

    Numbers Tim, Numbers

    UN: We’ve seen from WHO they’re useless, wrong, corrupt and will discard science and change advise due to Gov pressure

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