I don’t think so, really, I don’t

But as well as reversing years of poverty reduction, the pandemic has also punctured the growth of the developing world’s burgeoning middle class. Over the last decade the middle class globally has been expanding rapidly, according to Homis Kharas, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the co-founder of the World Data Lab.

“By my calculations, over the last decade, around 100 to 150 billion people per year were entering into the middle class,” he said, defining this group as those earning between $11 and $20 a day.

Arts graduates and numbers, eh?

Susannah Savage
Yashab Osama

14 thoughts on “I don’t think so, really, I don’t”

  1. $11 PPP a day is indeed the lower limit of Kharas’ definition of middle class.

    And he’s a Harvard economics Ph.D. So like you said, arts graduate.

  2. I went searching to see if I could find out whether the numerical error was his or the Telegraph’s (my money of course was on the Telegraph). Only to discover that they couldn’t even spell his name right. So I think that settles that.

  3. But did he say billions or did the Telegraph mispront it?

    Either way, still definitely arts graduates.

  4. Quite so, $11 a day is good money out there…..

    Ask any erstwhile professor of practice and watch him salivate.

  5. Below two dollars a day is inconsistent with human dignity, according to the World Bank. This self inflicted depression is pushing 100 million people below that threshold.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    And all because the Left does not want Trump re-elected.

    Ebola is a much more serious disease and yet under Obama the CDC lied about how easy it was to spread by coughing. They loudly objected to cutting off flights to Africa, or making possibly infected medical staff go into quarantine. They were allowed to isolate at home. They did not.

  7. On the Telegraph’s declining standards of spelling (and everything else), this letter was published today.

    SIR – My professional pride can’t allow readers, especially fellow-chefs and, indeed, the Welsh, to think I wrote “Welsh rabbit” in my letter published yesterday. It’s a rarebit!

  8. @Jimmers, whoever wrote that is a twat. “Welsh rabbit” is a joke about the Welsh being so poor they can’t afford rabbit (or perhaps so incompetent they can’t poach rabbits.) “Welsh rarebit” is an attempt at correction by humourless, ignorant pendants [sic]. Alas, “rarebit” is almost universal these days, but for once the Telegraph subs were awake and off the drugs.

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