I like this

And for the same reason that the story was chosen for publication:

Bald eagle attacks government drone and sends it to bottom of Lake Michigan
Drone was about 162ft in the sky when bald eagle attacked and tore propellor off, possibly mistaking it for a rival bird or snack

Bird attacks drone – fun if it’s Katy Price having a go at Piers Morgan perhaps. But this is a bald eagle, in the US, having a go at a government drone.

The only thing preventing it being on the front page is that it didn’t happen on July 4.

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  1. @D.. A helicopter with someone in the side-door with a 12-bore loaded with #2 shot would be more effective and more controllable. Also no danger of the “trained raptor” getting hurt. 🙂

  2. What you need a chopper for? For point defence against drones it’s pretty well the same as clay shooting, They’re fairly fragile. Lead shot in the range 4-6 will reach out to a hundred metres & be enough to bring one down. And that’s about as far as you can see it. Shooting from a helicopter, you’d have the downdraft from the blades affecting the shot path & be having to figure in both the vector of the helicopter & the vector of the drone for the deflection. No 2’s you’ve have about half the number of shot, so a much thinner spread.

  3. There will now be an arms race: bigger, supposedly raptor-proof drones vs increasingly large and angry raptors.

    I’m betting on a harpy eagle!

  4. An omen (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change. People in ancient times believed that omens bring a divine message from their gods

    We can only hope.

  5. “bloke in spain

    What you need a chopper for?”

    Because without one it is not possible to shout “Get to da Choppa!”

  6. Or those honey badgers, they are fucking smart and evil. I’d rather wrestle with a rabid rhodesian ridgeback than a honey badger.

  7. If you’re going for a chopper, why fart around with a shotgun (or gnu)? Why not just get one with the M60 option still fitted?

  8. @BiS… I reckon the chopper would be needed as transport – airfields tend to be quite big and chasing after a drone in a land vehicle could be hard work. Also, it would surely be known by the “dronees” that flying them higher than shotgun range would still disrupt the airport… I chose #2 shot (a) because it’s less affected by turbulence, (b) has a longer range, and (c) the limited spread shouldn’t be a problem to a decent shooter. I’ve still got my old army “Marksman” badge somewhere, and though I have some doubts about my eyesight nowadays I reckon I could still knock a drone down at 500 yards with my mate’s “treble-two” as I doubt that anyone would lend me an SLR. 🙂

  9. @BiW.. Lovely idea, but possibly a tad heavy on the “collateral damage” to all the parked airliners, buildings, etc from the excess rounds.. 🙂

  10. What was the drone being used to do? Maybe, erm, filming from a camera? So as the water gets disturbingly closer to hte lens….

  11. @Baron Jackfield
    You won’t see a drone at 500 yards. They have virtually no profile looked at horizontally. We were flying one at about that range over the sea. One of the larger ones. It was virtually impossible to see it, even against the sky, unless you knew where it was.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ If you’re going for a chopper, why fart around with a shotgun (or gnu)? Why not just get one with the M60 option still fitted?”

    Shotgun pellets will do a lot less damage to those on the ground than 7.62 round or gnus landing on them, especially if fired from above.

    As to helicopter snipers, there were quite a few trained for service in Afghan who I’m sure wouldn’t mind a bit of fun.

  13. We need Airwolf

    Failing that, Peacocks can be very territorial and aggressive too – ours often disliked and chased/attacked ‘intruder’ dogs, peeps, cars…

  14. @BiS.. The “500 yards” was merely hyperbole to suggest the ease with which a decent shooter could knock one down at 50 – 100). I’d probably have trouble seeing one at 50 yards, though I can still see a golf-ball at 200+ (just!). 🙂

    In passing, imagine “the fun” in having to do a collateral damage estimate for a Gnu dropped from 1000 feet. 🙂

  15. Took some wood to the council tip this morning. They had a falconer there.

    Anyway – most airport defence against drones is over-riding the control signal. DJI produce specialist boxes for this – which operate on other manufacturers drones as well, and on the home-brew ones which generally use WiFi as the carrier. I’ve never stuck mine in a protocol analyser, so I’m not aware of the details.

  16. @JuliaM
    Peacocks & hens fly very well & damned big winged birds when they fly over you to perch in tree – a WTF moment first few times

    We had to retrieve a peahen that flew several miles to a chicken farm and was terrorising the chickens – evicted them all from their barn

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