I sorta doubt this

Ocean Fish, a 15-vessel crew which has been catching sardines with ring nets and supplying them to the UK and overseas since the 1700s, has been uplifted by the strong season.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Them and the Flying Dutchman.

    Perhaps they will appear in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film. They are bound to get rid of Jack Sparrow because of Amber Heard so they could hardly suck any more.

    All those cheap Arts graduates come at a cost to both newspapers and films

  2. The ship is a ‘fifteen *vessel* crew’ supplying sardines since the 1700’s?

    Its both impressive that the one ship is actually 15 ships and has been for over 2 centuries.

  3. @dearieme
    Are you talking about fresh sardines cooked on a skewer over wood or those greasy tinned things the the English eat on toast?

  4. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    @vlike in Spain

    Clearly the tinned things, as in England only middle class twats, who masturbate over Jamie Oliver books while dreaming of living off their unfunded final salary public sector pension in Cornwall, eat the latter.

    I appreciate things are different in Spain.

  5. @Flatcap…

    True, the company has been around since 1740, but one somewhat doubts that the vessel(s) have. Looking at the boat pictured on the website gives pause for thought… I wasn’t aware that colour photography, marine diesels and radar were around in the 1700s. 🙂

  6. Everyone makes mistakes–esp if typing fast–but that load of nonsense would have to have been written and never looked at again.

    Unless the Torygraph is now written entirely by machine –shades again of 1984.

    “It wurs only an ‘opeless fancy,
    It parsed like an April Daye….”

  7. @Harry Haddock’s Ghost:

    You mean ‘Upper middle class’ surely? Even an unfunded final salary state pension isn’t all that much for the vast majority, as it depends not only on final salary but also on years of service, which means that the big rewards come to those who did fuck-all else in their adult lives.A classroom assistant who put in 10 years doesn’t get that much.

  8. Public sector pension scheme gets you more than the equivalent in the private sector could dream of though, whether upper middle class or teaching assistant.
    All those who think that lower levels of govt don’t get much should have a long hard look at what the DCS schemes for the private sector get you, i.e. what would a forklift driver at a warehouse get for 10 years, after all they are the ones paying for the public sector or being put out of work by the public sector lockdown.

  9. True, the company has been around since 1740…

    They try very hard to give that impression, but from the website: “Ocean Fish MD Edward Lakeman founded the business in 1989.”

    “I come from a long line of fishermen, and started this business 30 years ago…” is a little more up-front about it.

  10. decardno beat me to it!

    The web site tries to give the impression of a perennial tradition, but it actually says:

    “…We are a family-owned fishing and processing import-export business with a fishing heritage dating back to 1740…”

    I don’t know what a ‘fishing heritage’ is. It may simply mean that they are based in a fishing port which has operated for that long. In which case, I live near London, so I have a financial heritage stretching back to the early Middle Ages…

  11. Friend and I had this discussion recently as he had a couple of job offers and we came to the conclusion that spending the last 10 years of your career in a govt role with a final pension salary was hugely attractive especially adding in job security and expectation for work/family life

  12. Two stories conflated into one mixed up garbage

    Tinned Sardines are tiny fish. Fish counter Sardines are different and ~2/3 size of a Mackerel

    +1 I eat oily fish when my body tells brain I need to
    Kippers yesterday, body wanted on Monday, brain/me said “I know, but….”

    btw Vacuum packed “Use by 12 July 2020”

    Quite right too, classroom assistants are a G Brown ‘make work/votes’ scam. They need terminated

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