Imagine, imagine

Manne spoke with Salon’s Amanda Marcotte (full disclosure: Marcotte blurbed Manne’s book) about “Entitled,” what men gain by keeping women down,

Writing a book and finding that it being blurbed by Amanduh is deemed a positive for its chances.

I really love the question, because one of the things I was hoping to to do with this book is to show these tight connections between apparently disparate behaviors. What is the connection between an incel who feels entitled to sex versus a mansplainer?

How much worse to find out it might even be true?

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  1. Marcotte:Your first book, “Down Girl,” was about how misogyny operates as a way to police women’s behavior […]. This new book is about male entitlement […]. How does […]this book differ from […]your last book?

    Manne: I see them as two halves of a whole.

    What are the chances that her next book repackages the same catechism of neurotic bleating.

  2. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Toxic Masculinity

    Manne spoke with Salon’s Amanda Marcotte (full disclosure: Marcotte blurbed Manne’s book) about “Entitled,” what men gain by keeping women down, and how figures like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez give us a model on how to fight back.

    Let’s see… That amounts to going to an elite private college on Daddy’s nickle, graduate from said elite private college and end up tending bar and waiting tables, then run for Congress by faking a working-class background, get elected to the House of Representatives, and then act like a moron once elected?

    That’s a hell of a model.

  3. Ummmm: So not only are we “Privileged” we are also “Entitled”

    Welcome to my intersectional world.

  4. I remember that bloke Rory. The Tory, you know the one, looks likes a gay vampire cadaver after a crystal meth binge.

    Anyway. He was on Newsnight, interviewed by Emily Maitlis. And towards the end she said to him, winsomely, “By the way, you’re manspreading”.

    And, reader, he was. The horror.

    But rather than remark of this strange feature of the Patriarchy that *she* got to tell *him* how to sit, he apologised and adjusted accordingly what remained of his testicles.

  5. used to quite admire Rory for his early career but he’s turned into a pussy – the only correct response would be —spread further, lean back with hands behind head plus smug grin

  6. M’Lud: He should have said “Yeah, comfy innit!”. Sorry, I was just having a weird fantasy. I can’t imagine Rory saying anything like that.

  7. @Dennis
    +1 Plus AOC was ‘winner’ of empty head puppet selection to run for her handlers – like Greta Thunderbird

  8. ‘what men gain by keeping women down’

    Uh oh. She done spilled the beans. She has declared that women are dependent on men. How can people who don’t need men be kept down by men who they don’t need?

    So the book is women’s tea society chatter.

  9. m’Lud – it’s almost a year to the day that we last had a thread in which the testicle Leitmotiv played a prominent, er, part.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    I really think there is a vast conspiracy aimed at driving me to endorsing ISIS as the least bad option. Seriously. How many people want to cut their balls off and why are they driving all national politics right now?

    I am not there yet but Amanda is doing sterling work. And it is a pity because I think we got male-female relations about right – unlike the Muslim world. Roughly we did in about 1884.

    So let’s be reasonable. No need to throw anyone off a building. Yet. But as reasonable men we can admit a few things. One of them is that when it comes to women our tinted sheep shagging friends have got a few things right. In that spirit of reasonable, tolerant, multi-cultural sharing I might suggest Amanda and her friend consider a solution or two from the depths of Muslim wisdom? To whit:

    1. Shut the fuck up, and
    2. Why aren’t you at home looking after your six children?

    I think they will find that this wisdom from the ancient Orient will solve most problems. Ours if not theirs.

  11. “So the book is women’s tea society chatter.”

    This is my general translation of what 3rd wave feminism is.

    It’s a group of well-off women who didn’t get the good genes, or born to parents who lucked out on making a fortune. They neither have the intelligence to do something productive, nor the looks to marry a good husband, but they feel entitled to these things, and have the money from the bank of mum and dad to keep them going.

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