It’s truly amazing how unperceptive India Knight is

What I’m describing is not the end of women’s interest in clothes — God forbid — but perhaps the beginning of the end of our interest in trend-led, seasonal, disposable fashion.

This as the online brands selling the £1 bikini, the £5 dress, soar to ever greater heights.

17 thoughts on “It’s truly amazing how unperceptive India Knight is”

  1. Was rather fun that her current beau has also been done for kiddie pics, no? Shows a certain inability to choose…..

  2. ‘the end of our interest in trend-led, seasonal, disposable fashion’

    The 1960s called; they want their meme back.

  3. I think Julie nailed it in the Times’ comments section: “Sounds like a slippery slope to slobsville to me. I’m not sure this is something that should be celebrated.”

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    She may have half a point. Fashion does seem to be in the process of being taken out of the hands of the Gay community who organised all the publicity seeking events and parades. And into the hands of Asian sweat shops and faceless department store purchasers. Who don’t give a shit about any of that stuff and just want to pile it high and cheap.

    So seasonal? In trouble, yes. Trend-led? Depends if you count Instagram but let’s say so. But disposable? Not in the Oscar Wilde sense of something so ugly it has to be changed every six months. But rather in the sense that it is so cheap that you only wear it once and then throw it away. How many teenage girls wear things that cost less than a pint? We only drink the pint once. Ideally.

  5. SMFS
    Why is seasonal in trouble? Simplistically, coats and jumpers in winter, t shirts and shorts in summer isn’t going to change is it?

  6. I must say I liked “I and everyone I know”: how wide is your circle of acquaintance, Ms Knight?

    P.S. Were the male peacocks of the 1960s interested in “trend-led, seasonal, disposable fashion”?

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    I think that was the original meaning of “seasonal” but it is not what Ms Knight and the Fashion industry means by it now. They mean *this* seasons clothes. Not this *seasons* clothes.

    So we will still wear jumpers in winters. But we are less likely to listen to some Gay Frenchman who tells us we should all be wearing mauve this year.

    I am heart broken by this development.

  8. This purely about her not liking ordinary girls being able to afford to buy the same things as her.
    The fashion trade has always been full of indifferently made togs assembled from low quality materials. But they used to cost women at the lower end of the earnings scale half a week’s wages to buy. Now the cost an hour’s. And the manufacturing quality & materials are better. So it’s not only her who gets to buy something relatively cheap, she’ll wear a few times & throw out.

  9. To quote a recent post by Julie Burchill… Knight is very much of the ‘Lady Muck’ school of female columnists. To say Knight has made a little go a long way is to employ classic English understatement. Knight is generally the most judgemental of people – she especially seems to loathe ‘chavs’, ‘gammons’ and Brexiteers, who are apparently responsible for the imminent downfall of civilisation. A long-time Twitter bully who runs with a cyber-mob of quasi-feminist Mean Girls, Knight memorably called the columnist Liz Jones ‘a rancid cunt’ who ‘wanks her cats’ in between columns about how life should be like a lovely garden party.

  10. ‘P.S. Were the male peacocks of the 1960s interested in “trend-led, seasonal, disposable fashion”?’

    Of course. ‘Cept maybe for ‘disposable.’ Though I’m not convinced that is a real thing.

    This “fashion is doomed, cos reasons” commentary is older than me.

  11. Jimmers, “climate change” will see to that for you. All the seasons will be reversed.

    What is it with these women ? Why do they have such terrible taste in men ? This woman is knocking about with a perv like Joyce and there was that Vicky Thingy who was married to Chris Huhne and then shacked up with Dennis McShane. I suppose knocking around with jailbirds like them is their version of hanging out with the “bad boys” .

  12. Lefties rush towards paedophiles leaping over each other to justify their lapses. Is that Q meme right? Are all lefties child raping cannibals?

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