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Jacob Blake

Clearly I’ve missed something here. From the piccies I’ve seen plod wants him to stop. So, he continues to walk to his car, open the door, begin to reach in – and he gets shot.

Reaching into a car is not going to get you shot when?

OK, what is it I’ve missed?

13 thoughts on “Jacob Blake”

  1. OK, what is it I’ve missed?

    That he’s black.

    And therefore the state must be in the wrong.
    As per Saint Lloyd.

    It doesn’t matter that there was a knife in his car that he was reaching for. No siree.

  2. the Independent whines that “We marched in our thousands for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. Why not for Jacob Blake?”

    Well, there’s that creating a rod for your own back thing.

    If you “march in your thousands” every time a black person gets shot dead by the police in the US, that’s around 300 marches every year. If you want to include those shot who survive, God knows how many.

  3. Yup, armed police, they tell you to stand still, you stand still, hop on one leg, hop etc. Never been to the States, but I know that. Have come across armed coppers on the continent though.

    It may be an overreaction based on findings following the shooting, but plod didn’t know that as he reached across the seat of his car.

  4. “It doesn’t matter that there was a knife in his car that he was reaching for.”

    It actually doesn’t.

    Wtf has it: “plod didn’t know that as he reached across the seat of his car.”

    Exactly. What they found in the car doesn’t matter. Blake’s actions are what counts. Reaching into a car while resisting arrest will usually get you shot.

    But then there is that Zero Amendment to the Constitution: Blacks can choose to not be arrested.

  5. Another case where the video evidence lies. In Floyd’s case he was high on drugs and already dying, though the police’s actions didn’t help nor did they try and help him till too late. In Blake’s case he was on a felony warrant and had just committed domestic abuse, though in this case the police did too little until it was too late and then over reacted.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    There was a Brit one recently, you black man walking away from police after being told to stop repeatedly. Eventually he got tasered.

    As I commented there, these people grow up and ignore authority without consequence. Eventually there are consequences and it comes as quite a shock, in the Brit case, and no time to realise you made a mistake in the US case.

  7. On Jacob Blake
    Another life long crim. Police arrested him as warrants for felony and other crimes

    He fought back, allegedly pulled knife – police backed off

    Jacob “I’m getting my gun from car” allegedly in door-pocket/footwell

    Cops follow guns raised telling him to stop

    Jacob opens car door – now watch video again – he doesn’t step in, he bends over to do/get something, then starts to turn…

    Bang, bang – were cops meant to wait until he fully turned and fired?

    Family, lawyers, msm know this – but stoke lies & riots. Now shooting vids rapidly being deranked and ‘shadow censored’ on YT

    I hope bodycam up soon – or from below, none

    PS Appears he was the domestic abuse and no children in car

    Some discussion here

    The second vid


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