Oh, right

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler on Sunday slammed Donald Trump, accusing the president of encouraging the kind of violence that erupted in the city overnight when a reported member of a right-wing group was shot dead after a group of Trump supporters confronted Black Lives Matter protesters.

In Kenosha a couple of guys are shot dead by a Trump supporter, it’s the Trump supporter’s fault. Hey, maybe it is.

In Portland a Trump supporter is shot dead and it’s the Trump supporters’ fault. Hey, maybe it is.

But, you know……

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    This sounds a little familiar:

    FRANCIS: Having grabbed his wife, we inform Pilate that she is in our custody and forthwith issue our demands. Any questions?

    COMMANDO XERXES: What exactly are the demands?

    REG: We’re giving Pilate two days to dismantle the entire apparatus of the Roman Imperialist State, and if he doesn’t agree immediately, we execute her.

    MATTHIAS: Cut her head off?

    FRANCIS: Cut all her bits off. Send ’em back on the hour every hour. Show them we’re not to be trifled with.

    REG: And of course, we point out that they bear full responsibility when we chop her up, and that we shall not submit to blackmail!

    COMMANDOS: No blackmail!

    The Democrats have been inciting riots and looting for months. I assume they think it will help them get Biden elected although as a strategy “Don’t make me hurt you” really leaves something to be desired.

    The blame is theirs and theirs alone. Wheeler in particular has refused to let the police do their job. He can hardly claim to be unaware of what the consequences would be.

    It looks like the long Cold Civil War is coming to an end. Good.

  2. I’ve been following the whole CHAZ/BLM/Antifa debacle for a couple of months now. It’s such a tragic farce – it would be laughable except for the people that have died and the damage done.

    There’s so much I could comment on but yes – I just cannot understand what reality Wheeler (and the city council, and the DA) are inhabiting. Dante would reserve a special place in hell for the likes of him.

  3. It looks like the long Cold Civil War is coming to an end. Good.

    The battles of Portland and such Democrat controlled shitholes might be coming to an end, but the cold Civil War is just getting started. The nutty Marxists of Antifa/BLM aren’t going to go away, they’ll just regroup. No matter what Democratic apologists might plead to them about them “Losing the election to Drumpf”.

    I just cannot understand what reality Wheeler (and the city council, and the DA) are inhabiting. Dante would reserve a special place in hell for the likes of him.

    As for Wheeler and the rest, they’ve been effectively enabling Antifa/BLM for far longer than this whole George Floyd rioting and violence. Journalist Andy Ngo has been documenting their protests in Portland and Seattle since at least November 2018 to my knowledge (and probably earlier).

    Portland PD seem to have been given specific instructions to stand back from any Antifa/BLM violence (since this plays to Wheeler’s constituency), but crack down hard on other groups such as the Patriot Boys and others.

    This has led to situations where Antifa/BLM have used outright intimidation and violence to trigger their opponents and only when their opponents fight back have the police intervened…to arrest their opponents while the Anitfa/BLM thugs stand back and laugh. It is a recipe for the escalation of chaos.

    It will only end when Wheeler and his coterie are turfed out and that will only happen when the leftwing voters of Portland decide that they’ve had enough violence on their streets and throw Wheeler and his mob to the kerb.

    Now look again at the candidates for Portland’s Mayoral runoff election in November…Looks like Portland won’t see an end to the violence on the streets for a long time yet.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Journalist Andy Ngo has been documenting their protests in Portland and Seattle since at least November 2018 to my knowledge (and probably earlier).

    It started at least as early as the protests and riots that led to Bret Weinstein being resigned:

    Bret Weinstein understood, more than most, that compliance with the mob isn’t considered optional. And the compliance is neither nuanced nor subtle. Disagree with a single point of the far-left’s ever-changing and extreme agenda, and you’ll be stuck with a label.

  5. I read that article on Bret Weinstein, and his experience is pretty scary. We may laugh at the Left fighting itself but it’s not going to end well for any of us.

    OT: I read an item on Slashdot about Bill Gates’s party for Warren Buffet’s 90th. It mentioned the commitment that many of these billionaires, including Larry Ellison surprisingly, to donate most of their fortunes for charitable purposes. I think this large concentration of wealth to rival many states is going to be a massive target for NGO grifters and indeed grifters of all types. The ‘charitable purposes’ will soon go out the window to be replaced by all sorts of political chicanery.

  6. I’ll say it again Purge. Purge. Purge.

    The silence and or derision my thought formerly brought is not so pronounced today. Samizdata blog already has commenters who are saying the same thing as if the thought had only just occurred to them.

    What goes around…..

  7. it is astonishing how the left can write the narrative. I mean:
    – right-wing / trump-supporters vs.
    – black lives matter / anti-fascists…

  8. I made the mistake of listening to R4 news this morning and sure enough the violence is all down to Drumpf enabling far right attacks.

  9. @TG: those gazillionaires should turn their money into cash and Treasury bonds and burn the lot.

    It might not do any good but it would do less harm than setting up funding for Marxists.

  10. I tend to ignore the BBC, but I have happened to listen to the world at 1 headlines a few times in recent weeks. The bias is spectacular and obvious. One item that sticks in my mind was an investigation into whether Tony Abbott was ‘a fit person’ for a UK trade role. Has the BBC asked this question about any other person involved in Britain’s trade efforts? I suspect not…

  11. The capitalists will change Portland. They won’t invest anymore money. They’ll move some of what they have already invested. In the end, it is business that provides the money. They are killing business. For George.

    See: death of Detroit. Regardless of the mob and the corrupt government, the people will decide – individually – what happens.

    I haven’t checked, but I assume property values are collapsing. Taking the city’s tax base with it. The fascist mob in charge doesn’t have the totalitarian control needed to back up their actions. Which are simply destructive. There is nothing contsructive in riots. Naturally, I hope they pay sooner rather than later, but the Left political apparatus is still powerful. It is they who tell us the Portland riots are Trump’s fault, and many of their sheep believe it.

  12. R4 is set for my alarm in the mornings, I do not usually get past the first news bulletin and often switch off half way through that, so the collective wisdom of Robinson, Smith, Kearney, Sopel et al is alas lost to me.

    After getting up and stumbling around the house for a bit, I locate the kitchen and make a cup of tea, armed with which I then watch some German breakfast TV. They are equally biased against Drumpf and of course the anti-lockdown protests in Berlin at the weekend were all far right extremists. The last couple of weeks they have been commemorating five years since the great Syrian invasion and are really trying their best to find positive stories of integration and assimilation, which are of course few and far between. I suppose my attitude is not helped by shouting “coward” at any Syrian of fighting age who fled his country who appears.

    As to the licence fee, I paid in advance and so will get my money’s worth. When it and my various subscriptions run out in a few weeks, I am going to convert full time to the wireless ( but not BBC, except R3 and maybe R5 for the footer and cricket).

  13. Dennis, The Beau Brummell of Central Ohio

    In Donald Trump wins in November, and I think he will, Ted Wheeler will be high on the list of people who enabled that victory.

    I went to the range to shoot last week. Outside of 9 handguns for sale on consignment, their gun store had 2 pistols and 2 derringers for sale. The store’s normal inventory level is somewhere around 50 handguns. The store had no 9mm ammo for sale. I was able to purchase 1 box of 38 Special. The on-line store where I normally buy ammo hasn’t had 38 Special in over a month. 9mm and 45 has been very, very spotty. Even the availability of 22lr has come and gone. A couple of weeks ago I went to Vance’s to see if they had ammo (they had a bit, and purchases were limited to 2 boxes on 9mm and 1 box on 38 Special) and found a line of 15+ waiting to purchase a gun. The folks are the end of that line – and it was only 10:30 in the morning – were fully aware they had at least a 2 hour wait in front of them.

    People here are worried. Worried enough to be buying firearms in record numbers and buying whatever ammo they can find.

    Do not underestimate the appeal of Trump’s law and order stance. And do not underestimate the damage Democrats are doing to themselves by aligning with BLM and Antifa. What they are going to find out over the next few months is that BLM and Antifa don’t care who is president for the next four years. To the Marxist revolutionary, Trump and Biden are a distinction without a difference. They will act accordingly, and the blame will end up resting at the feet of the Democrats.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset


    From one of our better politics profs

    Put your seat belt on …

    This time in 2016

    WI: Clinton +9.3
    PA: Clinton +7.6
    NC: Clinton +1.3
    FL: Clinton +3.6
    Mich: Clinton +8.6
    OH: Clinton +3.2

    This week:

    WI: Biden +3.5
    PA: Biden +4.7
    NC: Trump +0.3
    FL: Biden +3.7
    MI: Biden +2.6
    OH: Biden +2.3

    @RealClearNews average

  15. I just cannot understand what reality Wheeler (and the city council, and the DA) are inhabiting

    The reality where thousands and thousands of thick idiots vote for them again and again, regardless of what happens.

  16. And the “shy Republican” effect in any polling will be higher this year. Who knows who might turn up outside your door if you answer anything but ‘Democrat’.

  17. BiND – Weinstein said, “This isn’t about free speech, and this is only tangentially about college campuses. This is about a breakdown in the basic logic of civilization, and it’s spreading.

    Yarp. This is why, for example, transgender issues aren’t trivial. It’s easy and tempting to misunderestimate the trannies on account of how farcical the whole thing is, but looking past the fat, unhappy men in ill-fitting frocks, ideologically it’s a radical rejection of the biological substrate on which the social order is built.

    Eunuchs, catamites and depravity have been with us always, but we’ve never before tried to destroy the objective meaning of “man” and “woman”.

    Dalrymple was more correct than he intended in his warning about societies of emasculated liars.

  18. In Portland, the protesters are demanding the Mayor’s resignation (a they are in Seattle).

    Ted Wheeler tries to curry favour by sniping at Trump, but the left still hate him.

  19. @Ottokring
    not BBC, except R3

    Even R3 has a death wish – when I turn on, it always seems to be playing either Jazz Record Requests, Songs from the Shows, or ‘neglected’ works by ethnic and/or wxman composers (in my experience, there’s nearly always a very good reason why neglected composers are neglected). And then there’s the awful (and stunningly ignorant ) Suzy Klein …

  20. “And then there’s the awful (and stunningly ignorant ) Suzy Klein …”

    I have met a couple of R3 presenters. I think that they all are (the female ones anyway), it is a pre-requisite for the job.

    I used to really fancy Katie Dereham when she read the news on telly. Now I just want her to shut up.

    Times not to listen to R3: Saturday afternoon, after 10pm on weeknights, Sunday mornings.

    Problem is that the UK alternatives ( Classic FM, Scala) are fucking terrible.

    Mind you, I think that it is a common problem. I used to listen a lot to Austrian radio Oe1, now since they “revamped” it in 2017, I really struggle with it.

  21. Blimey guys, get spotify and listen to what you like when you like. Life’s too short for bad radio.

  22. Otto: There was a song (more spoken IIRC) in the 70s by a guy who I forget and it won’t Google, who classified US AM and FM stations as Amphetamine Radio and Phenobarbitone Radio. Classic FM is a total exemplar of Phenobarbitone Radio. Don’t listen to it in the car, you’ll crash!

  23. Well, as a current resident of Portland, I have a couple of comments.

    Every summer since way before Trump, a double handful of antifas and a double handful of white nationalists have converged on Portland’s riverfront park, where they indulge in a bit of Jets vs. Sharks fisticuffs, with the occasional knifing or other form of thuggery thrown in.

    This year’s Idiotapalooza coincided with the BLM protests, which both the antifa and the white nationalists succeeded in infiltrating, both of them causing most of the damage seen on TV.

    The other night, a bunch of Trump supporters gathered in the parking lot of a shopping mall in a nearby suburb of Portland and they caravanned into town. They were armed–AR 15s seeming to be the fashionable accessory. They also had paintball guns and home made pepper spray. They cruised through downtown as if it were a homecoming parade, and proceeded to shoot pepper spray and paintballs at bystanders, many of whom were BLM protesters, several of whom were antifas and a large number being innocent passersby.

    It ended badly for one of the white nationalists.

    I’m surprised the evening’s festivities ended with only one dead body.

  24. Bystanders

    In February 1934 Austria suffered a brief and bloody civil war with fire-fights between Socialist/Communist militias and government forces. In a documentary on the subject an historian opined that most of the casualties were people being shot while sticking their heads out of windows to see what all the noise was about.

  25. Fuller–no one needs to “infiltrate ” BLM –they are Marxist scum to begin with and Antifa allies. Despite the probable leftist hatreds within the various gangs.

    Sorry to hear white nats struck out. Better luck to them next time.

  26. Excellent
    Trump responds to CNN reporter: Your supporters ‘shot and killed’ a man

    Short and to the point
    Steve Hilton: Democrats are fundamentally anti-America, negative, devoid of policies and fighting themselves

    More Left BS:
    ‘In Defense of Looting’ author Vicky Osterweil defends looters amid violence nationwide
    – Hmm, we should all steal her book from shops then? Royalties on sales, not thefts

    The Democrats should have a new slogan: “One Rule for Thee, And one for me”

  27. “Every summer since way before Trump”

    So Trump bothers you?

    “The other night, a bunch of Trump supporters”

    What’s wrong with Trump supporters?

    “bystanders, many of whom were BLM protesters, several of whom were antifas”

    Oh, I see. BLM and Antifa can be on the street, but not Trump supporters.

    OT, what’s happening to property prices out there? Down 50%? Uhaul charging extra for one way trips out of Portland?

  28. The other night, a bunch of Trump supporters gathered . . .
    . . .
    It ended badly for one of the white nationalists.

    Leftie gotta left.

  29. You guys are amateurs at this snarky stuff. Back in the day, your betters really knew how to do it.

    Read something. Or take a lesson. Our host can direct you to venues where snark is practiced with skill.


  30. @PJF September 1, 2020 at 10:02 am
    More Rolling Thunder needed

    Antifa & BLM vs Patriots
    – Hundreds of Trump supporters driving into Portland, BLM rioters try to stop them

    – Rolling Thunder should visit too as in Florida – no violence: Antifa & BLM ran away

    – I’m with the bikers, chicken Antifa & BLM didn’t attack but stayed behind police

    – Germany reports (negatively) BBC ignores as their agenda is “Nobody supports Trump”. BBC also ignores BLM’s Communist aims

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