One for Carole Cadwallader

Russian hackers stole classified documents from the email account of a Cabinet minister before they were used by Jeremy Corbyn to attack the Government, it was claimed on Monday.
Former Trade Secretary Liam Fox was the victim of what appears to have been a "state-backed" operation ahead of last year’s general election, sources said.
The news triggered a review of Government security as ministers and MPs were reminded of the need to follow rules set out by the National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ.
If the claims – currently the subject of a police investigation – are proven, it would be the first time a current or former Cabinet minister had been successfully targeted by Russian hackers.

An actual real example of Russian interference in British politics and elections. She will be all over it like – as Ike and Tina sang – white on white, right?

Yes, of course she will.

12 thoughts on “One for Carole Cadwallader”

  1. I thought it was amusing when I read the G report. All that fuss about Russian interference and it turned out to be business as usual: Russia trying to help the Labour Party

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    No one cared that Michael Foot probably took money from the Soviets. The Guardian did not care when their journalists were writing reports for the KGB.

    It is such cynical opportunism.

  3. “white on rice,” not “white on white.” It’s a commoh black American idiom Similar to “like ugly on an ape,” for which the Dictionary of American Regional English cites the first President Bush, who heard it in the Texas oilfields in 1948.

  4. This is a Hillary Clinton class own goal. The first rule of handling classified information is thatit should never get anywhere near the internet. However I suspect the Minister involved never got more than a slap on the wrist as punishment.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    “No one cared that Michael Foot probably took money from the Soviets. The Guardian did not care when their journalists were writing reports for the KGB.”

    When the subject was raised the questioner was accused of “reds under the bed” scare stories and as a latter day conspiracy theory nut job. Had they heard the term they’d probably have thrown a few “fake news” ripostes in as well.

  6. @ Mohave Greenie
    Not internet – email. Multi-stage process – send carefully disguised malware to someone not on top security who has reason to contact someone who is; use said malware only to send an email disguised as coming from first hack victim to someone not an IT whiz who has low-level security clearance; repeat until you’ve wormed your worm up to the top.
    Of course a left-wing Remoaner within the ministry could have saved the first half-done stages …

  7. @ BiND
    My first encounter with the Manchester Guardian showed me that they were plagiarising and bowdlerising the Daily Worker’s Vietnam reports

  8. Well then your ears are as bad as those of the lyric transcriber. (Lyrics on the net are as reliable as Ritchie’s economics.)

  9. @john77
    If they were sending email, they had an internet connected computer. There should have been no classified on it.

  10. Patrick Rintoul is on the case with the whitewash

    Doubtless Corbyn will be criticised for being Russia’s useful but ineffective idiot, but it’s unlikely any politician in the moral maze of an election campaign will be so scrupulous as to spurn a chance to publicise an authentic and damaging document simply due to its murky origins.

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