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Quite so, quite so

Still House Plants: ‘In experimental music there’s a lot of whiteness, snobbery, pretension’

There’s certainly two out of three in most experimental music….

26 thoughts on “Quite so, quite so”

  1. “show by Still House Plants might start with drummer David Kennedy thoughtfully assembling his kit. Only once the kick is weighted down, the snares are positioned and his stool is comfy do vocalist Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach and guitarist Finlay Clark join him on stage. These gentle theatrics reflect the trio’s eclectic, sometimes erratic, always intentional approach to performance.”

    It sounds like a depressed version of The Fall. Bloody awful.

  2. It’s an odd drum kit that has more than one snare drum.

    Maybe he meticulously tensions each snare wire. The “experimental “music”” version of the 20 minute prog drum solo.

    Either that or they place rabbit snares around the stage. If they used bear traps, I might even be tempted to watch!

  3. You need to put something in there to make up for the utter lack of music. If all you have available is “whiteness, snobbery and pretension” (sic? Shouldn’t that be ‘pretentiousness’ or even just a plural?) then that’s all you have as a space weight.

  4. Is this a wind up or some sort of experiment by a writer at the Graun to see if they can make a terrible band popular just by writing about them. Or just mates from Uni?

    “They’ve just released their new album, Fast Edit, one of the best underground releases of the year so far”

    I found their videos on YouTube. The one for their album has 921 views. Some of their tracks have like 170 views. If you’re in a band and you can’t get 1000 YouTube views for your album, you really should give up.

  5. Bloody singers and guitarists never give the drummer a hand during setup. Every band I’ve ever seen must be experimental.

  6. Bloody singers and guitarists never give the drummer a hand during setup

    Of course not. Those groupies don’t shag themselves.

  7. Judging by the types of music most enthused about around here, I like some stuff that would drive a lot of you up the wall. But this lands somewhere in the cringe between talentless kids twatting about and self-indulgent twaddle (though not picking up snobbery from them). I do prefer it to gangsta-nigga vomit but will make effort to avoid both. Still, youngsters having fun – and if there’s no tax payer money involved I wish them all the best.

  8. Rhoda: Would he want one though? Can you imagine Ginger Baker if Eric had said “wanna hand?”. Dentist’s job pronto I would think.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    Tractor Gent August 19, 2020 at 12:09 pm – “Can you imagine Ginger Baker if Eric had said “wanna hand?”. Dentist’s job pronto I would think.”

    I can see it now: “I see what the problem is, this metal cymbal thing should be closer”.

    “You would play more efficiently if your snare drum was 3 cm higher. Don’t thank me but I already moved it for you”

    “Have you considered Moog?”

  10. Mr Phrastus, I am interested in your view. What’s worse, 4 mins and 33 seconds, or the kind of bongo music you hear on Radio 3 late on a Saturday afternoon? I don’t mind the jazz too much. It’s what they call ‘world music’ which actually makes me turn over to one of Radio 2’s gayers.

    I think that’s a pretty good exam question. Short of writing an essay, I can’t decide. It’s a bit like, “Is this a question?”*

    * Any fule kno, the answer to which is, “If that is a question, this is an answer”.

  11. Dennis, Who Is As White As White Can Be

    Can you imagine Ginger Baker if Eric had said “wanna hand?”.

    The highlight of the thoroughly depressing “Beware Mr. Baker” is the look of utter horror on Eric Clapton’s face when the interviewer mentions that Ginger Baker considered Clapton to be his best friend.

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