Rhiannon thinks there have only been four generations

My mother says that, with feminism, each generation has to reinvent the wheel. I see this as her generous way of saying that, essentially, there are no new struggles, just as they say that there are really only seven kinds of plot in fiction. Finding your feminism can make you temporarily evangelical; it certainly did me, in the aftermath of an assault. The world burned with injustice that I wanted to correct, and though my mother knew these injustices well, just as many women had before her, she gave me the space to draw my own conclusions, to find my own model of social justice. She passed on the baton, but then she let me run with it.

The fourth wave of feminism has been eventful, and as a political ideology it has become mainstream like never before.

Every generation has to do it, there have only been four generations.

That beats 6006 BC as a starting point, dunnit?

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  1. Her own piss-poor twat-tingling lack of judgement and control leads her to a black-eye boyfriend but this is somehow a justification for endless Marxist bullshit from a creature too thick to even understand the evil she is shovelling around.

    All stemming from her career as a shite singer. A job that didn’t exist under the commie scum she now shills for.

  2. How many generations since Lilith?
    In legend, she was Adam’s first wife, who refused to accept an unequal relationship. She walked out of the Garden of Eden rather than give in.
    Allegedly the last straw was Adam demanding to always be “on top” during love-making.

    (Lilith is an icon for the Israeli women’s rights movement.)

  3. “but observing my friends has taught me that pregnancy is a process of discovery. It can make the scales fall from your eyes about all kind of things – the division of domestic labour, patriarchy, work, art and sleep.”

    A keen observer is this Rhianon. Got her notebook out and everything at the baby shower. ‘Quite probably a novel in this stuff methinks. Now the question: am i going to have to get up the duff to write about it or can i get away with my 3rd party albeit eagle eyed authorial observation (and wit!). 2nd question if i do have to do it, is “career” an acceptable fourth wavey reason? Hmm should be but keep an ear to the ground for any better excusestifications.’

  4. The great setback for feminism in Britain was the Great Reform Act of 1832. In some constituencies women – that’s to say some women – had the vote. The Act took away that right. Rather over-rated, that Act, I think.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    I am surprised that anyone called Rhianon has any idea there was a world before 1972 anyway.

    Feminism as a cynical exploitation of male chivalry is about four generations old.

  6. Because it’s important to be accurate, I’d like to point out that I think you are referring to Bishop Ussher’s calculation of 4004 BC (not 6006)

    October 23. At about 3:05PM.

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