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Shoulda called him Boris

Born to breed: ‘Superstar’ ram breaks world record at auction
After paying £367,500, one of the new owners hopes Double Diamond will soon be busy doing what he does best

Missed a trick there….

14 thoughts on “Shoulda called him Boris”

  1. Double Diamond works wonders, works wonders, works wonders.
    Double Diamond works wonders,
    So get one right here.


  2. Nah. The ram looks competent at what he does. Save Boris for something fat slimy & found under rocks.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    That’s the 2nd time someone’s mentioned that beer in a week and I’ll make the same response: it was disgusting and I’d rather go without than drink that stuff.

    (Amusingly the other was in a Bridge forum).

  4. As the TV ad used to say, “You know where you are with DD.”. Usually bent over the toilet crying Ruth.

  5. Its a complete con. No-one but other breeders buy these rams and bulls for such stupid prices. Its all done to raise the price of their other stock they sell to non-breeders.

    Sheep breeder A has a wonderful pedigree ram and puts it in the sale. Breeders B and C bid the price up to stupid levels, B buys it. A new world record price is announced. Breeders A, B and C can then all sell the other rams (and other breeding stock) they have for inflated prices (but nowhere near £350k) to other actual farmers who need rams for their flocks, because ‘the price has gone up at auction you see!’. Next year Breeder B gets to be the one who sells the ‘world record’ ram, and the year after its Breeder C’s turn, so the money goes around in a circle. Rinse and repeat. And if some idiot outside the trio buys one of the rams for a stupid price, they’ll divvy the profit up between themselves.

  6. At 90 quid for a lamb for slaughter Boris would have to father about 4,000 of them. Theoretically possible I suppose. Easier for an ovine.

  7. At 90 quid for a lamb for slaughter Boris would have to father about 4,000 of them

    Does he have Welsh ancestry, as well as Turkish?

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    Yep, that was the product of a marketing department not a master brewer, well at least one who’d be willing to own up.

  9. Being born in the 1960s I just missed Double Diamond, but the foulest “beer” I’ve ever tasted was Beck’s non-alcohol.

  10. @jgh
    My thought too. What happened to that brand?

    Do the cartel breeders strike a deal with auctioneer over buyer & seller fees?

    I’d assume he’s ‘milked’ then little vials sold to vets for mass insemination – @Jim?

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    I got caught out in Monument Valley, I ordered a glass of alcohol free wine, it was disgusting.

  12. “I’d assume he’s ‘milked’ then little vials sold to vets for mass insemination”

    Nope, thats the daft thing. Sheep are inseminated the natural way, no AI, on commercial farms at least. So is someone going to stick their £350k ram in with a flock of ewes to do the business, and risk him injuring himself somehow? Nope, he’ll go back to a pampered life on a breeders farm, who may use AI to inseminate a select few ewes and sell all the progeny as ‘son/daughter of the £350k ram’. The whole industry of ‘prize winning rams’ and ‘worlds highest priced ram’ is a con.

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