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as a result of my claim in my response to Andrew Neil that Scotland would not owe debt to the rest of the UK in the event of it becoming independent.

In which he is told that Eire did take some in 1921. To which:

Fourth, to presume that a gold standard era agreement is now a precedent is absurd

1914 to 1925 the UK wasn’t really on the gold standard…..

8 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. Eire did take on some debt but found it too onerous and pleaded to be spared having to pay. The UK government let it off.

    Since it had turned out that pre-independence a subsidy had flowed from rUK to Ireland and not vice versa, that shouldn’t have been too surprising I suppose.

    You’d have thought that the history of independent Eire might sober the SNP up. A post-independence civil war and many decades of nearly third world standards shouldn’t really be an encouragement.

  2. The mighty Spud has been doing some cursory reading of economic history. He keeps making curious references to things such as the Phillips curve and the Gold Standard but only in places where those allusions make no fecking sense, or are unnecessary. I suppose he does it to impress the credulous fools who fawn upon him

  3. Spud vs Andrew Neil – the very definition of an intellectual catchweight contest. I doubt Andrew will waste much time on him, he’s been too busy putting Danny Blanchflower back in his box.

  4. Dennis, Bullshit Detector

    Like anyone anywhere gives a shit about what Richard Murphy thinks with regards to anything.

  5. jgh testing a new tablet

    The UK wrote off Ireland’s debt in return for sweeping the border commission report under the carpet.

  6. In other news, Spudly exonerates Winston Churchill from accusations of forcing the UK back onto the Gold Standard. We were on it already. If only WLSC had known, as well as all his biographers

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