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I was aware I was being controversial yesterday when I suggested that the Office for National Statistics was lying about the scale of UK national debt in its bulletin on public sector finances, issued yesterday. I was also aware that I was being provocative. But in the sense that I was suggesting that the ONS were stating something other than the truth – as evidenced by the UK Whole of Government Accounts – I was entirely happy with the claim. After all, if the audited accounts for our government show debt to be other than the ONS claim it to be,

A snip from an earlier post of Snippa’s. From the whole of government accounts:

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  1. Off topic. In the latest comments on his blog Murphy claims if UK printed £1.5 trillion tomorrow the impact on inflation and value of the pound would be zero.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Spud’s decided to have a go at Andrew Neil on Twitter, I predict this will not end well for one of them, and it won’t be Spud.

    Andrew asked what currency would an independent Scotland use and then proceeded to explain the problems with some of the more sensible ones eg Sterlingisation or pegs and dismiss with his usual acerbic wit the more ludicrous one. (Some clown thought because the Australian and Canadian currency were called dollars they were using the American dollar.) About the only proposed currency I haven’t seen so far is the Bristol Pound, but its only a matter of time given the idiocy on display.

    Anyways, Spud’s weighed in with one of his turgid multi-Tweet posts, including his famous numbered lists but he only gets to eighth so far, and has attacked Andrew Neil:

    Andrew Neil clearly thinks a Scottish currency would break Scotland, and lead to referendum defeat. He thinks the currency issue is an each way bet for him and that it kills the issue whatever option is chosen. He is wrong.

    I’ve never said anything of the sort. When have I ever said a Scottish currency would break Scotland? Let’s have a link to evidence. Do you just make things up?

    But is it economically feasible? Neil claims it isn’t because no one would lend to Scotland. It would, he claims, have no credit rating. But that is absurd.


    Again, where have I said nobody would lend to Scotland?

    The SNP’s performing poodles are out in force to add to the merriment.

    There’s a good response to Spud, might well have come from someone here, but doesn’t look like it:

    Replying to
    A mind reading professor….circus material.

    You can follow the fun here:

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Opps, got that wrong: “I predict this will not end well for one of them, and it won’t be Andrew Neil”.

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