So here’s some fun

Areas are being locked down again.

More than 2.7m people in northern England have woken to fresh lockdown restrictions despite living in neighbourhoods which have had fewer than four confirmed cases in the last 14 days, Telegraph analysis has revealed….

We have slightly out of date information on ethnicity by area.

Further data on ethnic groups by local authority can be found from either the Office for National Statistics or Nomis.

Wouldn’t that be a fun cross correlation for someone to do?

Just for completeness sake perhaps alongside one of material deprivation?

Wonder why some newspaper hasn’t already done it really…..

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  1. They took no notice of orig LD and will take no notice of this.

    Much as I dislike the RoP I will give them credit for that.

    And–as well as ignoring mask edict I will also be ignoring Over 50’s edict if Blojob is so foolish as to issue such edict on Weds.

  2. I agree with Mr X. There are two incompatible beliefs: that certain groups of people live in poor, unsanitary, and overcrowded conditions; and that the same group has managed to last until August without seeing significant infection rates. They can’t both be true.

  3. I think NW Muslims are right to be outraged. The actual numbers behind this ridiculous new lockdown are tiny.

  4. Maskless in Tesco this morning.

    Woman at checkout was clearly over 50. She will have worked through the (non-existent) “worst” of the plandemic. Is she now going to give up her job cos Blojob Johnson says so?

    All she has to do is come in and say to Tesco–I’m still working.While they might promise to keep her job open but in the present climate she would be dim to believe them. Esp with Blojob seemingly ruling by whim.

    If Tesco fire her they have given her a perfect case of age discrimination. Blo’s edicts don’t over-rule equal/discrim laws. And there are prob a few million like her.

    Why issue so stupid a proclamation?

    Alright he hasn’t yet. It could be DM clickbait or a Bloj “half a loaf” operation to set up something not as bad which would have drawn fire but folks will now be glad wasn’t worse.

  5. Checked trends for Spain, Germany, France and Belgium again this morning. All have the sustained rises in cases you might expect from increased social interactions and increased testing. None have any sign of an uptick in deaths (few to none). UK and Italy have been more of a sustained bumping-along-just-above-the-bottom in cases, with a slight increase. Deaths similar (low) but slight decrease.

    Obviously I’m not the only one to notice this. What the fuck are the governments doing fretting about cases?

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    The Third World tends to be poor and incompetent. The natural assumption among the West is that the main problem is that they are poor and the incompetence is just a side effect.

    But in reality the Third World is comprehensively incompetent. And corrupt. It is not one little thing. It is every thing.

    So we import millions of people who shit on their own hands when they aren’t marrying their own kin. And we are surprised when they get diseases that can be prevented by basic hygiene?

  7. There never was any plan to lockdown over 50s. A civil service war gaming exercise came up with the idea as an option for dealing with a massive second wave of the virus. It got leaked and the MSM picked it up and ran with it (over a cliff, as normal).

    And, breathe.

  8. You are sure of that how ?

    If its BS why not issue denial. Credibility problems perhaps but less anger and less people looking into all the govts capers than if they had denied it.

  9. Blojob still sits on his unbicycled-down fat arse while UK economy burns. DM sports gone now 1700 more jobs–and this is before the Great Paid Holiday ends .

    Retail down 6% since mask edict. Thank God I am helping retail by ignoring it.

  10. PHE was set up to identify new pathogens and develop treatments. They have utterly failed at this primary task. So instead of chasing a very small virus they persecute an obviously large set of people, the obese. Back to our five a day as the prophylactic of their choice.

    A large rise in infections but with no rise on hospitalisations or deaths is very good news. It means we will achieve herd immunity faster and at lower cost in lives than otherwise. Yet our government regards this as very bad news. Is there some agenda here or are they just irredeemiably stupid?

  11. Bloke in North Dorset


    “ Obviously I’m not the only one to notice this. What the fuck are the governments doing fretting about cases?”

    They have been accused, consistently and aggressively, by the meja and opposition of not acting fast enough and have accepted they should have locked down earlier*. They’re playing a political game of avoiding not being accused of not acting fast enough in the future, so the pendulum has gone miles the other way.

    *my assumption is that this is the message they are getting back from focus groups so they’re getting their mea culpa in now even though it’s (1) hindsight bias and (2) not in line with the advice they were given at the time and (3) the real crime was the panic in emptying hospitals in to care homes without rigorous testing and infection control procedures In those care homes.

  12. I’m self-employed. Earlier today, I calculated – with an exact level of precision – that since lockdown my income has fallen 35-and-something per cent on this time last year.

    Now, obviously, I have my grouse moor, and the income from my French vineyards, to fall back on. But, more broadly, I reckon the self-employed are the vanguard of the economy’s headwinds. I reckon you can take that 35-and-something per cent, and you’ll have a pretty good picture of the economy. We read about x big name firm going into administration, 1,500 jobs lost and so on. But look to the plasterers, brickies, chippies, drivers, commission-based estate agents, nail bar mechanics … see what’s happening with them. Hundreds of thousands of them.

    All glibness aside, I earn reasonably well. But for God’s sake, how are those people going to survive? £400 a week? Even cash-in-hand.

    Then I see these people heading off on holiday to Spain and wotnot. Is it a) they’ve been furloughed, never had it so good and don’t appreciate the risk there’ll be on the dole in two months, b) they do appreciate the risk, but reckon they might as well eat, drink and be merry, or c) albeit and perhaps because they inhabit subsidised accommodation and receive benefits, they’ve got huge stockpiles of cash on which to fall back?

  13. Can any Aussies throw light on WTF is happening in Victoria. Twitter now has it that cunt coppers can crash into your home you to check you are wearing your mask.

    I don’t know Aust political system but surely the PM could stop this Daniel Andrews arrogant cunt pushing all this tyranny?

  14. @Tim W

    Ethnicity: Wouldn’t that be a fun cross correlation for someone to do?

    I’ve raised it here and at Hector Drummond with particular reference to no excess deaths in NI

    Non white/yellow genetically most at risk; non white/yellow most likely to ignore physical distancing increasing their higher risk more

    Every time – crickets

  15. @MC
    Agree. Plus cases in NW lower than London, SW and other regions. Boris appeasing hysterical Andy “Pandy” Burnham?

    The Government’s Incoherent New Measures in the North

    @Mr Ecks
    Fuck Off Boris
    – “Millions of over 50s could be given orders to stay at home as part of Boris Johnson‘s ‘nuclear plans’ to avoid another national lockdown.
    – The Prime Minister was forced to announce a slow down of the lockdown easing on Friday, with planned relaxations for the leisure and beauty sectors delayed after a rise in Covid-19 cases”

    Masks: no problems/dirty looks here, I regularly chat with mask wearing door guards and they never mention – often drops it to chat. Chap yesterday was visibly tired: he’d been on pub door Saturday night until 3am on Saturday after 0800-1600 Morrisons shift – he refuses to wear hi-vis “Security” waist-coat!

    Aus: States have Labor PMs and behaving like USA Dem states. Yes, plod can, without warrant, invade house for not wearing mask if suspect a visitor there

  16. @PJF

    What the fuck are the governments doing fretting about cases?

    +1 More so when cases are 0.07% of population and ~80% will be asymptomatic

    But, Gov, msm & “experts” dominated by “they might die” bed-wetters like MBE

    Stay in house arrest for ever:
    SAGE now demanding Eradication of Covid-19 in UK. Boris orders subs to nuke UK?

    @Mr Ecks
    ‘Never forget’ Daniel Andrews is responsible for all the ‘heartbreak’

    O/T Gov’t TV ads now for save water, don’t run tap, save 3 litres per day. Hmm – stop washing hands?

  17. Chris Miller–I don’t look at crappy political shows and have not touched a DM since Grieg betrayed Brexit. However still don’t believe “wargame” crap. A tryout to see who’d buy it more like. And it will have done Blojob and gang a fair bit of harm–so good.

    My point about Aust is that –is it a similar fed system to US where Trump has ltd powers against state guvs /Mayors Demofart pricks? Or could PM order the arrest of the Victoria turd and an end to his antics? If he could why does he not? 100,000 of job losses + tinpot tyranny seems a volatile combo–will the Victorians themselves take it up the arse this way?

    Pcar–haven’t seen any save water adds–maybe they are regional. No new reservoirs built in 30+ years now.

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