Sounds reasonable

House of Fraser owner threatens landlords with store closures over rent

Retail rents are falling because internet. Any retail boss who isn’t threatening landlords isn’t doing his job.

11 thoughts on “Sounds reasonable”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Telling people what the inevitable consequences of their actions are could be a threat. If you were so inclined to see it as such. It might be common sense and good advice to others.

    The government has sown the wind and others will reap the whirlwind.

  2. Am sure I’m not alone in receiving notice from a commercial property investment fund I have been throwing money at, to effect that they are unable to give me a current valuation, given no one knows if it is worth anything apres Covid.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Bernie G’s failed the Worstall blog shibboleth, he’s therefore an imposter and should be ignored.

  4. “And small shop owners should threaten councils over business rates.”
    That’s gone over my head I’m afraid. If you want to pay more tax, there’s nothing to stop you doing so voluntarily. Just building a stockpile of single malt will do it or driving a petrol car for no reason, assuming that you don’t want to take the option of paying HMG directly.
    Why would you threaten government officials to make them increase the tax paid by all small business rates (SBRR in England reduces the bill to zero if your RV is below 12k), and why would you threaten local government officials when the RVs and the relief policy are centralised to Westminster.

  5. M’Bongo,

    Because a pendant would point out that its your locals that are made to collect the loot, even if they are then forced to hand it over to the bigger protection racket/schoolyard bully in London who wants all of the lunch money?

  6. M’Lud,

    What makes you think there will be an apres-lockdown?

    As one Australian politician has already pointed out, if this is of ‘flu order of magnitude then it is going to be necessary to wear face nappies, antisocially-distance, etc, for large parts of every year, because if it saves one life…

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