Steve Bannon arrested

That we’ll build the wall crowdfunding – apparently some dipping fingers. That’s the allegation. Couple of months before the election? Oh Aye?

On the other hand its Federal prosecutors which aren’t as politically minded as some State AGs but still…..

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  1. its Federal prosecutors which aren’t as politically minded as some State AGs

    I dunno if that’s true, Tim.

    Otoh Steve Bannon seems like the kind of guy who’d be dodgy, so they probably do have good dirt on him, even if it is the kind of thing they’d let slide if he was a leftie.

  2. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Anyone who has followed Bannon’s career should be unsurprised by this development. Your first hint would be that he was closely associated with Andrew Breitbart.

    My path crossed that of Andrew Breitbart years ago. He was a dirtbag. And you know what? Dirtbags travel in packs. So the idea that Bannon being a dirtbag shouldn’t shock anyone at all.

  3. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    On the other hand its Federal prosecutors which aren’t as politically minded as some State AGs…

    If that’s true, and there’s plenty of evidence that contradicts it, then it is only a matter of degree, and perhaps a matter of degree that isn’t material.

  4. And of course, the totally inconsequential to the UK arrest is now front page on the Trump Derangement Syndrome BBC website

  5. An obvious pre-election move. Not likely to be material –and Trump should mark any who’ve arranged the timing for now–they could surely have waited a couple of months–for a shit kicking if he wins.

    And it does sound like a desperation move on Demorats part. Trump already fired the bloke himself did he not?

  6. Trump fired him pretty early on, and amazingly enough, the number of White House leaks to the press was immediately reduced.

    Never trust an alcoholic.

  7. I’ve never known about that. He always looks to me – in piccies – as if he likes a very good bevvy indeed. Skin tone and colour and all that. But actually alkie? Difficult to operate at that level if he is…..was maybe?

  8. Dennis, Former Blogger to the Gods

    Dennis, can you particularise ‘dirtbag’ in this case?

    Back in my blogging days I managed to get into a nasty dispute with another blogger who was a friend of Breitbart’s. Breitbart wasn’t involved in the dispute. I was waging war on the blogger’s new internet news site, and I was having an impact.

    One day I started getting emails from prominent bloggers and a few journalists that they’d been contacted by Breitbart and were told by him that I was mentally unstable, a habitual liar and that my dispute with the other blogger was not the product of a legitimate grievance, but more a product of mental illness. Mind you, I’d never met him, and only talked to him once on a podcast for a few minutes.

    It took a bit of digging, but I found out that the blogger I was battling with had asked Breitbart to blacken my name within the blogosphere as a favor to him. Why? The blogger’s deep pockets investor who was funding the site felt I was having a negative impact on the credibility of the site. Breitbart not only agreed to go after me, but also mentioned to another blogger (who told me) that dirty tricks was one of his favorite things to do.

    Andrew Breitbart was a dirtbag. He understood the depravity of the Left because he was every bit as depraved as they were, though without the ideological baggage… He was depraved for the fun of it.

  9. The source of Bannon’s wealth has always seemed mysterious to me. Likewise. I struggle to see how Breitbart news makes money.

    Can the DNC convention be that boring and corrupt that they need this distraction?

  10. The DNC farts will say that Trump was arrested.

    Yeah, I know that makes no sense. Just remember, you heard it here first.

  11. On the other hand its Federal prosecutors which aren’t as politically minded as some State AGs but still…..

    Hahahahahaha! Oh, wait – you’re serious?


    No, Federal prosecutors are even more political than state AG’s. They’re just performing for a different audience so you don’t see it as clearly.

  12. It’s another argument for limited government as those attracted to participate in politics, whether as an actual pols or one of their enablers, tend to be an unsavory lot cashing in by skimming contributions or taking tolls as gatekeepers. If you could limit it there would be fewer opportunities for their camp followers.

  13. Now we know why Mr. Trump, when the group started their private efforts, quickly dismissed them and told them their efforts were not appropriate.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    Is it political?

    Firstly, why now, in the final strokes of the run up to the GE in November? What’s the betting hearings and our the full case start around mid to late October with the real juicy bits coming out early November.

    The left will then be able to run with their favourite guilt-by-association anti-Trump stories, because the left love guilt by association, they don’t have to prove anything. Meanwhile any stories about Hunter Biden, for example, will be drowned out by the Brannon noise.

    Perhaps I’m reading too much in to it, but the fact that I can easily construct that narrative probably says more about their form than my state of mind.

  15. Surely it’s Trump supporters being defrauded if anyone is? Unless you think there is a significant number of pro-wall never Trumpers.

  16. “The source of Bannon’s wealth is mysterious”.

    I believe he was a former Goldman Sachs VP. That’s a decent start.

    As SDNY appear anxious to investigate improper use of charitable funds I wonder if they have been looking into the Clinton Foundation. Maybe they’re just taking their time over it.

    Personally I see this as convenient timing to distract from Joe Biden’s predictably underwhelming performance that evening.

  17. Jonathan

    Not quite in Alec Guinness/Star Wars territory and we don’t know the percentage he took but still a pretty good punt.

  18. It’s political to the press (but then everything is). They don’t giveapoop about Bannon. All articles are about TRUMP.

  19. @BiND August 21, 2020 at 6:02 am
    You nailed it

    Dawn Butler MP bills taxpayers for a Whirlpool Spa Bath – that’s OK

    Steve Bannon bills donation pool for travel and accom costs – lock him up

    RNLI exec goes on “5*, First class, Fact finding mission” aka holiday to Philippines paid by donators – that’s OK

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